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North Cascades Engagement Session

With the mecca of mountain ranges the Pacific Northwest has to offer, you might imagine that there are busloads of tourists and adventure-seekers who flood to the PNW during the sunny summer months. In the case of some Washington national parks, you’re not wrong to assume that. However, read this blog to find out where the least-visited national park is located in Washington and why this park is clearly underrated!

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Mount Rainier Engagement Session

Two out-of-towners made their way to the Pacific Northwest for an engagement session at Mount Rainier. Wildfires throughout Washington, Oregon and British Columbia throughout the weeks leading up to the session made the outcome of a mountain view feel very up-in-the-air. However, when we arrived at the trailhead, it was clear that Mount Rainier planned to show off that evening. We hiked throughout the trails and raced against the sun as it sunk lower behind the iconic Washington mountain. My couple was so full of joy and the gal was a total boss hiking through the forest in a dress that matched the pink rays of golden hour. The sunset left us breathless and this adventurous engagement session left me with a lesson I will never forget as a photographer.

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