Finding the Heart within Your Brand: Five Easy Steps

Find the Heart Behind Your Brand: Five Easy Steps

Finding the Heart Within Your Brand: Five Easy Steps

Hey friends! Today I am diving into the importance of why identifying the heart within your brand is vital (no pun intended) to the success of your brand. A few things I want to go over before we dive into this topic and give you the five applicable steps.

The heart is defined as, “the central or innermost part of something.” ( The heart of your brand is what we see when all the layers are peeled back. The heart of your brand drives you to get up and chase your passion, even during those seasons that feel unfruitful.

 Why Find the Heart within Your Brand?

I get it. You have this idea or passion, and you just want to go for it! But to build something that will be lasting, it is important to establish the foundation of your passion so it can be sustainable. By finding the heart within your brand, you are identifying your core values of what makes your brand unique, and give direction of how to identify your target audience.

Client’s want to know what sets you apart from everyone else. Let’s be real, we all love a good story. By identify the heart within your brand, you are able to create a storyline that your client’s can follow along with and relate to.

Five Easy Steps for Finding the Heart within your Brand

  1. Answer this question: Why ___? What is it that pulls on your heart strings?

  2. Role Reversal: Act as if you are your ideal client, looking to hire a photographer.

    What would you search on Google to find them? Who would you pick? What social media accounts would you be drawn to? Use this as inspiration to identify what draws you in but DO NOT copy someone. This step is simply to get align you creativity with strategy.  

  3. Write yourself a letter for your future self when you are wanting to throw it all away.

    You weren’t expecting this one were you? Take 10 minutes and write yourself a letter all about why you shouldn’t give up on your dream. Then seal the letter up and read it the next day (yup the next day). Highlight statements or words that stand out to you. THESE are the things that you stand for, this is what your brand unique.

  4. Set goals for next month, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years

    Goals are a great way to gain insight into what direction you hope your brand to move towards. The hope is that through writing down your goals you will able to identify what it is you want your brand to stand for

  5. Identify a word that will be your anthem for the next year. A word that will inspire you to keep digging in when things are going well and not let go when things are falling a part.

    The reality is when you own your own business there will be seasons of triumph and failure. By finding the heart within your brand, you are setting yourself up keep fighting a good fight to follow your dreams.