ONE Step to Breaking through Fear

One Step to Breaking Through Fear | Between the Pine Adventure Wedding and Elopement Photography

ONE Step to Breaking through Fear

How to break through your Fear and chase your dreams in one step

 It took me 1.5 years to buy the domain name for Between the Pine

It took me 6 months to tell my closest friends about my idea of Between the Pine

It took me 2 months to share Between the Pine with the world after building out my website

It has taken me 3 years to finally feel the freedom of unapologetically chasing my dream 

 FEAR was the barrier of all of those statements above. Fear was what brought me to tears time and time again and ripped at my core. Fear is what made me realize the heart behind Between the Pine.

It was not the fear of lacking the skill or even the fear of failure, it was the fear of what others would think. I let my fear of being made fun of stop me from chasing my dream for 1.5 years. That’s 18 months people!! 18 months I let fear silence me from chasing my dream. And guess what? I don’t want that to be your story. So let’s lay those fears down. Are you ready?

 My secret to chasing my dream

Okay are you ready for this? It’s not a magic Harry Potter spell and it isn’t even that complicated.

Write down your fears. Breathe life into them, and then move on.

 No really, that’s it.

For me, it was names of specific people. None of the names were my best friends or even family, it was people I have not talked to in YEARS. Isn’t that crazy? The thought of people making fun of me shot fear through my entire being. So I wrote their names down. I wrote down a short list of names and allowed myself to look at them. I then wrote down my dreams next to those names. And I gave myself a choice- Which do I value more? Do my dreams outweigh my fears or do my fears outweigh my dreams? It may sound silly, but allowing myself to write those names down and stare at them next to my dreams it was a no brainer for me. By doing this, I was able to make a choice that has allowed me to have freedom in creating my dream. Do I still worry about what others think of me? You bet I do. Do I obsess over things others probably never even notice? Yet again, you caught me. Do I allow my fears to push my dreams aside? Not anymore.

Owning your own business and chasing your true desires can feel terrifying at times and blissful at others. But to even take that first step forward, you must lay down your fears and from there, you can begin to watch your dreams come to life. YOU GOT THIS!