’s okay to make your wedding all about you 

(and what you love)

the great outdoors awaits!

Grab your hiking boots
(we’ll bring the trail mix)

As your adventure elopement photographers, we’re there to help you plan everything from start to finish...

Whether you’re a local like us or coming from another state, like over half our couples do. We’ll create an adventure that feels like you, whether that’s summiting a mountain, canoeing across an alpine lake, or soaking in the views at a drive-up overlook (hint: we know the best ones).

Once everything’s organized, we’ll hit the trails to document it all—we’re talking vibrant photos that balance you with the epic landscapes that surround you. And along the way, we promise we’ll have a lot of fun.

Maybe you’re not keen on being in the spotlight all day, or the price tag is daunting, or you’re just not into huge hotel ballrooms with funky carpets. (Us either.)

Instead, you catch yourself dreaming about something more relaxed, more intimate, something where you can connect with nature. Maybe you want to get married just the two of you, or maybe you want to gather a small group of your loved ones for a sunset ceremony and a gourmet dinner.

But when it comes to figuring out the where, when, and how of an outdoor adventure wedding, you need someone else on your team.

As soon as you got down to planning your wedding, you realized something:

You’re not that into the idea of a “traditional” wedding with tons of guests.

we’re a team of experienced elopement photographers, each with our own local expertise and outdoor passions.

With a collective 50+ years of experience photographing and organizing adventure weddings, we’ve learned more than a few things, like:

Which trails are perfect for your energy level, your desired vibe, and the weather that day

How to come up with a plan B, C, and even D in case Mother Nature isn’t feeling it

How to pack a wedding dress so it doesn’t wrinkle during a 5-mile hike

Exactly how much we can fit into your wedding day timeline without overdoing it—and how to keep spirits high as we move from one thing to the next

How to strike that perfect balance in photos between incredible landscapes and the couple at the center of the story (that’s you)

Meet  the Team:

Always Snacking On: Hippeas, granola bars, a classic PB&J
If She Weren't a Photographer She'd Be: Gardening
Dreams of Photographing a Wedding in: Cascade Pass

quick facts:

Originally from Missouri, Mollie fell in love with hiking in college and set a course for the Pacific Northwest. She now lives in the Snoqualmie Valley with her husband and their Bernese Mountain Dog, Scout (aka the unofficial BTP mascot). In 2018, she founded Between the Pine, and she’s since hiked thousands of miles with our couples and taken more photos than she can count. She travels regularly to Kauai, her home away from home, for the incredible culture, the amazing landscapes, and also the coconut shave ice.


Always Snacking On: NEED
If She Weren't a Photographer She'd Be: Full time artist (painter)
Dreams of Photographing a Wedding in: Faroe Islands or Alaska!

quick facts:

Amy’s photography career kicked off in Jackson Hole in her ski-bum era, when a neighbor asked her to photograph a wedding, and the rest is history. She lives on the Olympic Peninsula, and when she’s not out on the trails, she takes advantage of her location to ski and surf. The landscapes she sees as a photographer often inspire her work as a painter, too. Amy’s also our in-house photo editor!




our founder



Always Snacking On: NEED
If She Weren't a Photographer She'd Be: A carpenter & build out vans
Dreams of Photographing a Wedding in: Greece

quick facts:

Kass was an outdoor recreation guide before becoming a photographer, so it’s no surprise that she loves rock climbing, backpacking, and skiing. She’s been photographing elopements for 5 years and especially loves seeing her home state through the eyes of couples who’ve never been there before.


Always Snacking On: Ruffles
If She Weren't a Photographer She'd Be: A veterinarian or an interior designer
Dreams of Photographing a Wedding in: The Dolomites, Spain, Greece, Thailand or Banff!

quick facts:

Whitney started out doing photography for outdoor + pet brands, but once she started photographing people, she was hooked. She lives near Vail, where the REAL mountains are (that’s a quote, btw), and she loves elopements because they leave room for spontaneity. She loves to climb 14ers with her husband and pups, and in the winter she always makes time for skiing.






Always Snacking On: NEED
If She Weren't a Photographer She'd Be: A marine biologist
Dreams of Photographing a Wedding in: NEED

quick facts:

The queen of the North Cascades, Devin’s been photographing adventure elopements for over 7 years. In her fully biased opinion, Washington’s the most beautiful state—where else can you see the ocean, alpine lakes, mountains, desert, rainforest—you name it? She also may be the best UNO player in the world.


Always Snacking On: NEED
If She Weren't a Photographer She'd Be: Anartist or start a homestead 
Dreams of Photographing a Wedding in: New Zealand

quick facts:

For the past ten years, Megan’s been photographing weddings, with a love for intimate celebrations out in nature. She says that you can experience anything in Washington as long as you have hiking boots, a backpack, and a car. She’s into the enneagram, kayaking, gardening, and listening to true crime podcasts.






Always Snacking On: Chips and guac
If She Weren't a Photographer She'd Be:
Owner of the cutest pumpkin patch you ever saw
Dreams of Photographing a Wedding in: Alaska or Norway, under the northern lights

quick facts:

Dawn’s been photographing adventure elopements all over the Pacific Northwest for the past 10 years. (And she knows what it’s like to be in your shoes—she had a clifftop micro-wedding in North Cascades NP.) She loves capturing the in-between moments and tiny details that get couples to say “we can’t believe you caught ALL of that!”


Meet Our Behind-the-Scenes Team:

Between the Pine is more than just our photographers

We’ll give you all the direction you need—while ensuring you feel relaxed—so that you won’t be able to choose which photo to frame first. At the same time, we have an eye for the narrative that unfolds on your day, and your photos will tell a cohesive story.

Epic photos that showcase your personality as a couple against a dramatic natural backdrop


Together, we’ve photographed hundreds of adventure elopements. Our hand-picked team of photographers has more than a little expert knowledge about the when, where, and how of making each one a smashing success—while also ensuring that we stick to Leave No Trace principles.

The outdoors is our jam. 


Whether you’ve scaled Half Dome or you’ve never visited a national park, we’ll come up with an itinerary that meets you where you are—and includes give-you-the-chills views along the way.

We firmly believe the outdoors is for everyone.


You’re welcome here as long as you want to elope—we embrace couples of all genders, orientations, and backgrounds.

Four words: “All Welcome, All Ways.” 


We like to call ourselves local experts—as much as we’re down to travel, we also love to show you what’s good in our home states. We know the hidden gems, we know the weather patterns, and we even know what outfitter you should use for your post-wedding adventures. Over 50% of our couples are from out of state and lean on our experience.

We’re working from home, so to speak


why choose between the pine for your adventure wedding?

Our Values

Love the design of this website? Our branding? That’s Sophie, founder of Mod Bird Studio, at work. She works her magic to give Between the Pine beautiful and easy-to-use resources. We’ve known each other since our college days working at a summer camp in central Oregon. These days, Sophie calls Georgia home, but we’re trying to lure her back to the PNW with promises of fresh-baked brownies and rugged mountain hikes.

Savannah, GA

Shanielle handles all of the administrative aspects that are behind the scenes at Between the Pine. She’s an expert in Honeybook, elopement workflows, creating client planning guides, and so much more! When she’s not working at Between the Pine, you can find her in a cozy chair reading her favorite books, exploring the trails around Toronto and watching The Majesty of Nature!

Toronto, ON

Virtual Assistant







The words you’re reading right now? This is who wrote them. Andrea’s the one who infuses the signature Between the Pine vibe into our website copy, emails, and guides. She runs her own copywriting studio, and when she’s not in front of her keyboard, she’s usually baking or reading historical fiction. She lives in south Florida, so instead of mountains or high desert, she’s got swaying palms, mango trees, and high humidity.

Boca Raton, FL

Kiersten writes all the elopement-planning guides on the Between the Pine site, and she also gets to blog our clients’ weddings. She currently calls Washington her home base, but she’s lived the laptop life all over the Western US and even in Eastern Europe. She’s previously experimented with floral artistry and is also a blossoming film photographer.






copy writer



An experience you’ll never forget, and photos that preserve every second.

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