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Hey friend!

My name is Mollie Adams- the face behind Between the Pine and I am stoked you are here. The outdoors are where I feel most at home, so it is no surprise this is where I gravitate towards as a photographer. In college I was known as the “granola girl” because my outfits were always fit to go to class or hiking (not that I ever skipped class to go to the mountains…).

A few things about me:

» I have a 10 year-old golden doodle and yes, she can come to your elopement or adventure session upon request

» I met my husband in high school and I’ve been smitten ever since

» My favorite episode of the office is when Dwight makes a fake fire

» I am passionate about this job of mine, and oftentimes my clients become my friends. We send each other our Holiday cards yearly and margarita nights are a real thing.

» I absolutely love to cook so there is a high chance that fresh baked goods will make an appearance when we meet. Chocolate chip cookies are my fave

» I choose joy daily, and strive to live intentionally and purposefully.

» Let’s grab a drink, get to know one another, and from there take some pretty epic photos. So, are you ready to adventure?

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Elopement and wedding photography

Photos featured on the Mollie page captured by  Ashely Smith

Photos featured on the Mollie page captured by Ashely Smith


Between the Pine all started as a food blog. Crazy, right? Like I mentioned above, I really do love to cook, and creating recipes in my kitchen has always been a part of who I am. As I made new recipes, I began to take pictures of my plates before dinner to share my kitchen table with my little corner of the internet.  

I had the opportunity to take my camera out of the kitchen and in to the mountains to capture my brother-in-law proposing to his gal. I immediately saw the sweetness of taking photographs of people in the beauty of the mountains. Couple by couple and session after session, I am increasingly thankful I get to do what I do. 

Now, I'm taking the raddest couples to the tops of mountains, bases of waterfalls, and deep in to the forest to capture their story. When I am not out adventuring with my clients, I am continually finding ways to better my craft through workshops, mentorships, and online courses.

My Approach

» Clean, crisp editing that incorporates the rich colors of the landscape

» Moments that embody YOUR relationship (Sorry, no prom poses here). So maybe that is running hand in hand on a mountain trail on cuddled up watching the sun slip behind the horizon on a rocky coastal beach. Whatever it is, my goal is the photos will document who you are as a couple, not just generic poses.

» Truly getting to know you and your partner. Margarita night anyone?!

» Documentary approach to tell a story


Brand Values

Honor the Outdoors

Between the Pine is committed to leave no trace practices in order to preserve the beautiful spaces that are adventured to for elopements and sessions

All Welcome, All Ways

Between the Pine does not and will not discriminate who is taken on as clients. All are welcome to step in front of the camera and all deserve the same service and respect from Between the Pine

Relationship over Transaction

Between the Pine is committed to creating a friendship with each and every client

Worthy of Investment

Just as you are worthy of having photos taken, Between the Pine stands by the prices that have been set


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