Top Three Places to Elope Near Seattle

Top Three Place to Elope Near Seattle | Between the Pine Adventure Elopement Photography

Top Three Places To Elope Near Seattle


Dreaming of eloping but not wanting to travel too far from Seattle? Well you’re in the right place! Whether you call Seattle home or are flying in to the Pacific Northwest for your elopement, these three locations, all within an hour from Seattle, will provide all of the adventure without all the extra travel time.

The Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest is one of the nations most visited national forests annually. Did the idea of a populated hiking trail make you want to start another Google search? Do not worry! I have a handful of favorite locations that most Seattleites and mountain visitors don’t even know exist. These locations offer a secluded, intimate feel for an elopement, all within less than one hour from Seattle.

Since this national forest holds over 140 miles of adventure stretching from the U.S.-Canadian border all the way to Mount Rainier National Park, I have broken the Mt. Baker- Snoqualmie National Forest up into three sections to help you plan your adventure elopement.

Best Places to Elope Near Seattle | Between the Pine Adventure Elopement Photography

One of the biggest perks of the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest is that your fur baby is welcome to join you. Yes, I know, dreams come true.

Best Locations to Elope Near Seattle

Alright so let’s dive in! Below are the top three best places to elope near Seattle. All of these areas are within one hour from Seattle, making these locations ideal for minimal travel time and maximum adventure time.

#1 Mountain Loop Highway

Best Places to Elope Near Seattle | Between the Pine Adventure Elopement Photography

Just one hour from Seattle, the Mountain Loop Highway was constructed in 1936 to connect Granite Falls, WA to Darrington, WA. This two-lane highway winds through the Western portion of the Cascade mountain range and offers dense forest floors, alpine lakes, fire lookouts, waterfalls, and even ice caves as it follows the Stillaguamish River. Since the Mountain Loop Highway is not part of a national park, this area of the Pacific Northwest can oftentimes feels less busy than other parts of the state. The Mountain Loop Highway holds some of my absolutely favorite hikes, drive up overlooks, and campgrounds, making it the perfect location for any adventurous elopement or intimate wedding all year round. And, an added bonus, various parts of the Mountain Loop Highway remain snow-free or have minimal snow even throughout the winter months due to their low elevation.

Interested in seeing sessions from the Mountain Loop Highway? Click here for an autumn ice cave session, or here for a rainy family session.  

#2 Snoqualmie Pass and Alpine Lake Wilderness

Best Places to Elope Near Seattle | Between the Pine Adventure Elopement Photography

My husband, Drew, and I live in a little mountain town right outside of this beautiful area, so Snoqualmie Pass has quickly become our go-to area for day hikes, summer camping, and long drives that have lead us to breathtaking mountain overlooks that most do not know about. The reason I chose this area as one of the top three places to elope near Seattle is simple: I-90 makes this part of the national forest accessible all year, and the windy forest service roads that jet off of I-90 lead to endless adventure for your elopement. From the old growth forests with giant douglas fir trees, massive waterfalls, multi pitch climbs and mountain summits, this region of the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest holds a wealth of options for an elopement within an easy drive from Seattle.

Want to see some adventures and epic backdrops that Snoqualmie Pass has offered? Click here to see a drive-up mountain backdrop that could be a Bob Ross painting, and click here to see a misty, PNW engagement session at the base of a waterfall.

#3 Highway 2 towards Stevens Pass

Last, but certainly not least, Highway 2 leading up to Stevens Pass rounds out our list of the top three elopement locations near Seattle. Highway 2 cuts through some of my favorite mountain towns in Washington including Index, WA and Skykomish, WA. Highway 2 is the northernmost highway that remains open all year as it snakes through the Cascades (Wikipedia). This area of the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest holds waterfalls hikes that lead to alpine lakes, the Skykomish River, incredible spots for climbing, a historic fire lookout you can reserve to stay in, and trails that lead you to jagged mountain overlooks.

Check out some of my recent adventures along Highway 2!

So, there you have it! Three locations, all within one hour from Seattle, that are perfect for your own adventure elopement or intimate wedding.

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