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Post Adventure Elopement: What to do on your Washington State Honeymoon

Written by our rad team member, Amanda Winther

Post Adventure elopement: What to do on your Washington State Honeymoon

If you ask me, a Washington state honeymoon is one of the absolute best ways to follow up an adventurous elopement. (omg you did the thing! Congrats to you two lovers!). Lucky for you, I happen to be a (self-proclaimed) expert on Pacific Northwest honeymoon ideas (lol). From the coast to the forests to the mountains, there is literally *so* much to do in the Pacific Northwest and Washington (did someone say extended honeymoon?!).

In this Washington State honeymoon guide, I’m going to share some of my all-time favorite post-elopement (aka honeymoon) activities and destinations for you and your best person to cut loose and make some incredible memories. To make it easier for you to decide what to do on your honeymoon in Washington, I’m splitting this guide into three sections: ocean, mountain, and city. In each section, I include my top honeymoon destinations, some of my top picks for things to do there (this is just the must-do highlights, every single one of these destinations has SO many more activities), where to stay and how to get there.

There’s something for everyone from epic hikes to coffee and brewery tours. (And even whale watching and sea planes. Um. What?!). You could start on the coast at a private spa resort, hike around the rainforests that the Pacific Northwest is known for, and end your honeymoon checking out the cutest neighborhood in Seattle. Go grab your favorite beverage (margs for me!), your best person, and start dreaming up the most epic honeymoon you can imagine. Yep, your Washington honeymoon is definitely going to be amazing!


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Top Washington honeymoon destinations by the ocean

One of the best parts about a Washington State honeymoon is that you have easy access to the Pacific Ocean, which is truly stunning. The coast is incredibly rugged and wild, and there is so much to see and explore. Do you dream of going whale watching? Or exploring the tidepools at low tide to see all the magical creatures? Washington is known for its coastline, and for good reason. It’s an amazing place to spend time. Here are my top ocean destinations for your Washington honeymoon:

  1. Orcas Island

  2. Whidbey Island

  3. Olympic National Park



Top Washington honeymoon destination: Orcas Island

Orcas island is up in the San Juans (as we say in the Pacific Northwest) and it would be an epic destination for your Washington state honeymoon. The San Juans are a collection of 170+ islands, and while most tourists usually go to the most popular San Juan Island, I’ve got a little insider secret for you: Orcas Island is actually the best one! I love it for its sleepy, relaxed feeling, but also because there’s a ton of amazing stuff to do there (and way fewer tourists!). The cute little downtown of Orcas is right on the water and has beautiful views of the bay.

Where to stay on your Orcas Island honeymoon

If you decide to visit Orcas Island on your Washington honeymoon, you’ll want to book accommodations. Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Dog-friendly Airbnb w/ expansive deck – Near the water, dog-friendly, and a stylish interior! This Airbnb has lots of windows, a gorgeous deck and room for up to seven guests.

  • The Honey Bnb – It’s in the name! Cozy up with your hunny in this rustic airbnb with wood interior touches. It’s also located on a pond and guests often report seeing wildlife right from the deck.

  • Waterfront Beach House – You can’t get any closer to the ocean than this! The views are absolutely stunning. Waterfront access and a hot tub?! Umm.. yes.

  • Modern Forest Retreat – Gorgeous and spacious, this retreat has everything you could want and more. Hot tub, billiards, 2,200 square feet, and even room for  six guests if you want to invite friends or family to join. Or just enjoy all that space as newlyweds!

  • Agro-Tourism Accommodations – The Blue Moon Farm offers a variety of unique accommodations including: the Alpaca Suite, the Barn Loft, and the Secret Garden (Is it just me or are you picturing Schrute farms?!)

Things to do on your Orcas Island, Washington honeymoon

Remember when I said that there was tons of fun stuff to do on Orcas Island? There’s enough to keep you busy for a couple days or an entire week-long visit. Did someone say, extended honeymoon!? You already know that I love outdoor activities, but the awesome thing about Orcas Island is that there truly is something for everyone.

  • Go on sea kayaking tour – For an awesome human-powered adventure on the water, try a sea kayaking tour! You’ll get exercise and chances are good that you’ll also see some ocean wildlife. Shearwater Kayak Tours and Outer Island Excursions are two options that both operate out of Orcas Island.

  • Spot some whales and other sea animals on a whale watching tour – In the Pacific Northwest whale watching is pretty much a mandatory activity! I mean, it’s not every day that you get to see a pod of Orca whales leaping out of the water (if you’re lucky). You also might see Humpback Whales, Minke Whales, Sea Lions, Seals, Bald Eagles and more! Orcas Island Eclipse Charters and Deer Harbour Charters both offer whale watching tours departing from Orcas Island.

  • Take a hike (my favorite!) – I’m sure no one will be surprised to learn that hiking is one of my absolute favorite outdoor activities. Orcas Island is the perfect place to lace up your boots and hit the trail. A great intro hike to get your legs warmed up is the 2.9-mile Cascade Lake Loop. And if you’re looking for a bigger challenge, check out the 6.6-mile Mount Constitution Loop in Moran State Park.

  • Get high above the San Juan Islands on a seaplane tour – Seeing the San Juan Islands by air will offer you a whole new perspective on the area! Cap’n Mac’s Magic Air offers biplane tours from Orcas Island that even climb 3000 feet above Mount Constitution. How crazy is that?!

  • Biking around the Orcas (and other islands): Orcas Island is a fabulous place to spend a day (or a few!) cruising on two wheels! Need to rent a bike? Wildlife Cycles is your go to! They’re also super helpful and can give recommendations on the best routes for your skill level. Or, if you love biking, here’s a week worth of cycling adventures! The Backroads Bicycle Tour Company offers an island to island tour of the San Juans, starting on the mainland at La Conner and riding across Fidalgo Island, San Juan Island, and Orcas Island. This bicycle trip is 6 days, 5 nights and incorporates a lot of side trips to do some of the activities mentioned above, like whale watching, hiking, and kayaking.

  • Eat everything at Brown Bear Baking – I’ve saved the best for last! This is one of my absolute favorite bakeries, so if you find yourself on Orcas Island, you have to make a stop at Brown Bear Baking. The head pastry chef and bread baker were both classically trained in French culinary techniques so you know you are in for a (literal) treat. The sandwiches and croissants are incredible but there are seriously no wrong choices here.

Getting there:
Taking the ferry from Anacortes to Orcas Island is an adventure in and of itself! You should absolutely make a reservati
so that you don’t get stuck waiting for 3-5 hours in hopes of getting a spot on the boat (not that I’ve ever missed my ferry and had to wait 4 hours…). Also, make sure to arrive an hour ahead of schedule – missing your reservation could result in extended delays waiting for a free spot on a later boat.


Top Washington honeymoon destination: Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island is my second pick for Washington honeymoon destinations by the ocean. Fun fact: it’s only 14,000 years old – which is relatively young for an island! Whidbey is made up of beaches and farmlands, with a handful of quaint pacific coast towns that are definitely worth checking out.

Where to stay on your Whidbey Island, Washington honeymoon:

Whidbey Island has a lot of options for accommodations, but here are my top picks for where to stay on your Whidbey honeymoon:

  • Wildwood Farm Bed & Breakfast – Wildwood Farm B&B is located on an 80-acre working equestrian facility. So not only can you stay there but you can also go on trail rides and horseback rides right from your Bed and Breakfast! What. a. Dream! The property also has trails and a pond to explore.

  • Captain Whidbey Lodge – This historic building from 1907 is bursting with whimsical character. I stayed here when I photographed an adventure wedding and I stayed in a tiny private cottage right on the water. It was gorgeous. Pro tip: the restaurant at the lodge has amazing food and craft cocktails.

Things to do on your Whidbey Island, Washington honeymoon:

Whidbey Island is a great place to take it slow and enjoy the Pacific coast with its farmland, hills, and beaches. Here are some of my favorite things to do on Whidbey:

  • Visit Deception Pass State Park- Deception Pass State Park is full of rugged cliffs and secluded coves to explore and there is also a breathtaking bridge, which is actually part of the National Registry of Historic Places. This is also the bridge you’ll take if you want to drive to Fidalgo Island.

  • Hike Ebey’s Landing You knew I was gonna give you a hiking suggestion, right? This beautiful coastal hike has two options depending on how much of an outing you are looking for: a 5.6-mile round-trip, or a shorter beachside ramble. Regardless of which you choose, both are close to the town of Coupeville for a pre or post-hike snack (yes, please!).

Getting there: You can drive to Whidbey Island via Route 20 from Burlington, WA, through Deception Pass, but you can also take a ferry from Mukilteo, WA. My suggestion is to do both! Ferry onto the island, then drive back to the mainland via Route 20 when you are ready to leave. This will give you the opportunity to check out all of the cool stuff along the way.


Top Washington honeymoon destination: Olympic National Park

If you want to leave the crowds behind and experience how truly remote the Washington coast can be on your Pacific Northwest honeymoon, you definitely should check out Olympic National Park. Have you heard of sea stacks? Well, you’ll be seeing (pun intended lol!) lots of them if you head to the Olympic Peninsula.


Where to stay on your Olympic National Park honeymoon:

When it comes to coastal accommodations near Olympic National Park, Kalaloch Lodge is pretty much your only option, but don’t worry because it’s incredible. (If you prefer to tent camp, head over to this blog where I share some the best campsites)

  • Kalaloch Lodge: You don’t need to be a Twilight fan to enjoy the Kalaloch Lodge (although it is near Forks, Washington, where Twilight takes place). The Lodge is a historic building right near Ruby Beach and the only coastal lodging available in Olympic National Park.

    The lodge offers a handful of options including rooms and suites in the main lodge and Seacrest House, 40 cabins, and a group campsite (10+ people). I stayed here in a cabin for an engagement shoot and it was awesomely rustic, with great views and a full kitchenette. Oh, and the cabins are also dog-friendly! They recommend making reservations at least four months in advance, but I snagged a spot in a cabin during the shoulder season (in March) with about a week’s notice. (I definitely still recommend making reservations if you can, though!)

What to do on your Olympic National Park honeymoon:

There’s so much to see in Olympic National Park, from high peaks to old growth forest to sea stacks! Here are my top three must-sees if you head to Olympic National Park for your honeymoon:

  • Visit the Quinault Rainforest: The Quinault Rainforest is the gateway to the high peaks of Olympic National Park and it’s located in the southwestern part of the peninsula. One really cool trail that takes you through the old-growth forest is the North Fork Quinault River Trail.

  • Hike around the Hoh Rainforest: The Hoh rainforest is one of the greenest places on earth with a magical canopy of mosses and ferns covering everything. It’s located on the west side of Olympic National Park and has some super cool trails including the Hall of Mosses Trail which is really short but incredibly beautiful. If you want something a little more challenging and longer, check out the Hoh River Trail.

  • Check out the sea stacks and tidepools at Ruby Beach: This is one of my all time favorite beaches, and it’s right in the park where the Hoh River meets the Pacific Ocean. It has incredible rock formations (aka sea stacks) and huge pieces of driftwood so make sure to bring your camera for some epic photos with your love. Check out this blog post for my top tips for visiting Ruby Beach. It’s especially important to look up the tide schedule and learn about tidepool etiquette if you plan to explore the tidepools.

Getting there:
Olympic National Park is a 3-4 hour drive from Seattle and you’ll need to drive around the peninsula to get there. But trust me on this one, spending your Washington honeymoon in Olympic National Park is an experience you’ll never forget!

If you want even more information on the Olympic peninsula, check out my Olympic National Park Elopement Guide.



Top Washington honeymoon destinations in the mountains

When I started putting this list of Washington honeymoon ideas together, I knew I was going to have a very hard time narrowing down my favorite mountain destinations and adventures. Basically, Washington is one of the raddest states out there and the mountains in Washington – they’re mind blowing. I can’t wait for you to go explore!

  1. Leavenworth

  2. Mount Rainier

  3. Winthrop & Mazama

  4. Port Angeles

  5. Snoqualmie




Top Washington honeymoon destination: Leavenworth, Washington

You may have heard about Leavenworth, Washington, but if you haven’t, it’s basically a German-themed town in the mountains and it’s incredible. Not only does it have some of the most stunning National Forests and mountains (keep reading to learn about the Enchantments, which truly earn their name!), it also just has almost endless activities! Breweries, restaurants, shops, hiking, climbing, zip lining… I could keep going! Basically, if you want to head to the mountains but also want a luxurious experience with a town that doesn’t feel like it’s super remote, Leavenworth may be your dream honeymoon spot.

Where to stay on your Leavenworth, Washington honeymoon:

As far as accommodations, Leavenworth has everything from charming private cabins in the woods to luxury adults-only spa and hotel. Here are my top places to stay for your Leavenworth honeymoon:

  • The Post Hotel – This famous adult-only spa/hotel is located right in downtown Leavenworth on the river. The rooms are gorgeous, with incredible details, and most of them have a balcony or patio with river and mountain views. As a guest you’ll have access to the spa with lots of pools, saunas, and even a nap room (I feel like all hotels should have a nap room?!). You can take advantage of extra spa services to make your honeymoon really special. Also included in your stay is a European breakfast, light lunch and evening coffee and dessert. (And it’s supposed to be amazing!). There is also gear available to borrow depending on the season. This is an absolute must stay at least for a night or two!

  • If an A-frame cabin is just what you pictured for your mountain honeymoon escape, then you and I are on the same page! There are a bunch of dreamy cabins within about a 15 minute drive from downtown Leavenworth. Here are three options to get you started. Intimate, Quaint and Cozy Cabin, Leavenworth Little Bear Cabin, Dog-friendly cabin w/ hot tub, deck & firepit – close to river, hiking & skiing!

  • And for a stay in Leavenworth that is a little bit more private and removed from the hustle and bustle of town, this unique little red restored barn which is only 1.5 miles from town could be perfect. Picture drinking your morning coffee on the porch or strolling across a picturesque field to enjoy the solitude and serenity of the river.

What to do on your Leavenworth, Washington honeymoon:

There is no shortage of things to keep you busy on your Washington honeymoon in Leavenworth. Here are some of my favorite ways to adventure in this charming mountain town.

  • Explore downtown Leavenworth – Obviously you’re going to want to explore this cute little Bavarian town! You could spend an entire day walking around, checking out the restaurants, cafes, bakeries and shops. There are so many unique little shops, some with German influence, and others with handmade crafts and other goods. There is even a shop entirely dedicated to nutcrackers and one dedicated to cured meats! There’s also a trail along the river called Waterfront Park.

  • Take a winery tour or visit a brewery – The Columbia Valley produces amazing wines and there are a handful of wineries and vineyards surrounding Leavenworth including Icicle Ridge Winery, Silvara Wine, Wedge Mountain Winery, Eagle Creek Winery and Chateau Faire Le Pont.

    But if wine isn’t your thing, try a brewery instead. My favorite is Icicle Brewing. You can order a flight of beer to share with your love and depending on the time of year, enjoy the outdoor seating. They even have a beer made from german chocolate cake (Yes that’s a thing. Yes, you’re probably going to need to try it!).

  • Enjoy some traditional German food – Leavenworth would not be a Bavarian town without German food! My favorite restaurant there is Munchen Haus, which is a really famous sausage place. This is a slightly more casual spot and they serve amazing sausages, Bavarian hot dogs and pretzels with over 20 homemade condiments! They even have vegan sausages Extra bonus: the outdoor seating area is pet friendly. So bring your dog (or pet someone else’s if you’re lucky)!

  • Check out the Nutcracker Museum – Have you ever found yourself wondering where the best place is to see over 7000 nutcrackers?! Well you are in luck because Leavenworth has a Nutcracker Museum… I know, it’s crazy, but it’s also awesome. The museum has been around for more than 20 years and it’s quirky and incredibly diverse collection is sure to keep you entertained, at least for a couple of hours.

  • Hike the Enchantments – For those of you who are adventurous and can’t get enough of the outdoors, add hiking the Enchantments to your Leavenworth honeymoon activity list! The Enchantments are one of the world’s most magnificent places with towering granite peaks, turquoise lakes, and super friendly mountain goats.

    If you want to overnight, you’ll need a permit. It can be a little bit tricky to get a permit, so visit the Forest Service website to learn more and plan this one in advance! Basically, you’ll want to apply during the annual lottery at the end of February for your highest chance to get a permit. If you are still confused, go ahead and call the ranger station as they are always so helpful!

    If you don’t want to bother with a permit, you can day hike instead but prepare for a long, strenuous day because the shortest hike that most people do is to a lake in the Upper Enchantments with around 7 miles with over 4,400 feet of elevation (which is like climbing
    over 440 flights of stairs!). The good news is that even if you don’t get a permit to hike the Enchantments specifically, the mountains around Leavenworth are all truly stunning and magical!

This barely scratches the surface of all the things you could do in Leavenworth. Depending on when you’re there, there are other events and things to see. In May, they have a festival called Maifest. In October, there is Leavenworth Oktoberfest. During the wintertime, Leavenworth becomes the village of lights. And more! For more details about the seasons there and even more things to do (zip lining — check! rock climbing — check! dog sledding in the winter– check! check! check!) check out my Leavenworth elopement blog.

Getting there: The quickest route to Leavenworth from Seattle is via Route 2 and takes approximately 2.5 hours to drive. If you are planning your honeymoon in the winter, make sure to rent a car with 4WD because getting to Leavenworth will require you to cross Steven’s Pass high in the mountains (and there will likely be snow!). Leavenworth is amazing in the winter!



Top Washington honeymoon destination: Mount Rainier National Park

You’ve almost definitely heard of the next one: Mount Rainier National Park would be a perfect place for your Washington honeymoon. People literally come from all over the world to visit this amazing special place and for good reason. Some of my favorite trails, fire lookouts, and views are in Mount Rainier. If you want to go somewhere a bit more remote but still iconic for your Washington state honeymoon, Rainier is your spot!




Where to stay on your Mount Rainier National Park honeymoon:

There are a whole bunch of awesome places to stay near Mount Rainier National Park and most are Airbnbs and charming, rustic a-frame cabins (my favorite!).

  • Starting with my favorite, the Little Owl Cabin is one in a collection of A-frames that were constructed in the 70’s, surrounded by towering pine trees, just minutes from Mount Rainier National Park, the Pacific Crest Trail, and White Pass Ski Area. I love this place because it looks rustic as heck, has awesome access to the outdoors, but also includes comforts like wifi, digital entertainment (Hulu, HBO, etc.) and a hot tub to make your honeymoon fun and relaxing. A few of my couples have used this as a homebase for their elopement. Check out this elopement at Little Owl Cabin for lots of inspiration.

  • Hebe’s Hideout A-frame Cabin – This beautiful 1965 A-frame cabin is just right for a couple of newlyweds and it’s just a short 1-minute walk from the Nisqually River.

  • Basecamp Modern Cabin – This newly-built luxurious cabin in the forest has room for up to eight guests, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. If you are into preparing extravagant meals, the gourmet kitchen is calling your name! There’s also a large cedar deck with outdoor seating, a hot tub, an outdoor shower, and a fire pit.

  • Knotty Cedars Retreat – Continuing with the cabin theme (‘cause you know I love cabins), the Knotty Cedars Retreat is a recently-renovated cabin that is absolutely gorgeous, with everything you could need on your honeymoon. It is centrally located to Mount Rainier National Park and White Pass Ski Area.

What to do on your Mount Rainier National Park honeymoon:

Go hiking, duh! You are in Mount Rainier National Park which has some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the country, so you should totally go explore with your partner. Lace up your hiking boots, bring your camera, and make sure to pack lots of snacks. (If you’re low on snacks, you can stop at Mountain Goat Bakery to stock up!).

  • Hike to the Tolmie Peak Fire Lookout – Fire lookouts are one of my absolute favorite things to center a hike around. Luckily, there are lots of amazing fire lookouts in Washington. I would call this 7.5-mile hike (with 1100 feet of elevation gain) to Tolmie Peak fire lookout challenging, but you will be rewarded with amazing views!

  • Hike the Skyline TrailThe Skyline Trail is one of the must-do hikes in Mount Rainier National Park. From this 5.5-mile trail, you’ll get to enjoy incredible views of Rainier, wildflowers (during wildflower season), and the Nisqually Glacier. On a clear day you might even be able to see all the way to Mt. Hood, which is in Oregon!

  • Visit Ashford – From Ashford, there are a bunch of awesome things to check out in the park. Your closest park entrance will be the Paradise entrance which is also where the Henry M. Jackson Memorial Visitor Center is (although it’s closed in 2021). If you want to explore this part of the park, make sure you make a stop at Reflection Lake to catch an epic view of Mt. Rainier and hike to one of the many waterfalls.

  • Visit Packwood – If you decide to take a day off from exploring the park (or if you just need to refuel with some food and drinks… and snacks!) visit the cute little town of Packwood and make sure to stop in at the Packwood Brewery and the Mountain Goat Coffee Company and Bakery. You can also access one of the dreamiest forests in Washington (and the world?!) — Grove of the Patriarchs from this side of the park.

  • Check out Crystal Mountain Ski Area – The Crystal Mountain ski area is a great place to visit, even in the summer! You can take their gondola to the summit which will provide you with 360-degree unobstructed views of Mount Rainier, no hiking required. There’s also a restaurant at the top of the ski area called the Summit House where you can grab a bite to eat.

Getting there: From Seattle, Mount Rainier National Park is only about 60 miles away and generally takes a little under an hour to drive to. But, depending on where you are staying, you may have to drive a little bit further. The Carbon River Ranger Station is the closest entrance to Seattle but I would recommend figuring out where you want to hike first because there are multiple entrances.



Top Washington honeymoon destination: Winthrop & Mazama Area

Winthrop and Mazama are the Eastern gateway to the North Cascades and are another unique mountain destination for a Washington state honeymoon. The two towns are only 20 minutes from each other and provide quick access to mountain biking, hiking, and small town vibes with the backdrop of Washington’s most rugged mountains. Winthrop and Mazama have a high-desert feel, kind of like Bend, Oregon, but nearby are high alpine peaks, crystal clear lakes, and wildflower-filled meadows.


Where to stay on your Winthrop and Mazama, Washington honeymoon:

There are plenty of options that would make great honeymoon accommodations in Winthrop and Mazama including some charming Airbnbs as well as the Sun Mountain Resort.

  • Sun Mountain Resort – If you are looking for a wonderful spa and resort experience for your Washington honeymoon, I recommend checking out the Sun Mountain Resort. This place is awesome because it’s just minutes from Winthrop, but also because it has so many things to do on-site like a spa, an expansive wine cellar (over 3,500 bottles!), and multiple restaurants. Also….those views!

  • Three Brothers Cabin – This super cute Airbnb cabin has room for up to eight guests and is centrally located between Winthrop and Mazama. The cabin was built in 2018, so it’s basically new. I’ve stayed here and absolutely loved it. It’s also dog-friendly! (Scout approves, woof!)

  • The Cascade Cabin – The Cascade Cabin is a great choice for groups of four or fewer guests and is also centrally located between Winthrop and Mazama, right up against the National Forest with excellent access to all sorts of outdoor activities including hiking, biking, and rock climbing.

  • Cozy Yurt – Although it’s technically a yurt, the Cozy Yurt looks more like a luxury cabin on the inside, with multiple bedrooms, a combined kitchen/dining room, and a beautiful bathroom. Plus you get a primo location: it’s located right on xc ski and mountain biking trails. Oh, and it’s pet-friendly so you can bring your furry companion!

What to do on your Winthrop and Mazama, Washington honeymoon:

There is no shortage of outdoor activities in the Winthrop and Mazama areas! Mountain biking is one of the most popular things to do here, but there are also awesome hiking trails and North Cascades National Park is just a short drive.

  • Drive to (and hike!) the Washington Pass Overlook – This is a great activity for the summer months (the pass is closed due to snow from November to April). It takes about an hour to drive to Washington Pass from Winthrop, but the view is totally worth it. You’ll have incredible views of the Early Winter Spires and Kangaroo Ridge, and from here you can also go out for a short or moderate hike.

  • See and hike around the Diablo Lake Overlook – If you continue your drive West on Highway 20 beyond Washington Pass, you will eventually get to Diablo Lake which is an expansive, bright blue alpine lake nestled amongst the Cascade mountains. The lake overlook is a great place to take in the jaw-dropping surroundings and snap a few photos but it’s also a great place to go hiking and explore some stunning trails, like the Diablo Lake Trail.

  • Visit the Mazama Store – Their description says it all:  “a little bit of everything good.” The Mazama Store is a co-op meets bakery and more, offering from-scratch food made with locally-grown grains, gourmet cheeses, and wines. They also have locally-made goods like pottery, rugs, jewelry and art. They are open every day from 7am-6pm. It’s a must-visit if you’re in the area!

  • Enjoy a meal and award-winning beer at the Old Schoolhouse Brewery in Winthrop – The Old Schoolhouse Brewery is a great spot to grab a bite to eat and an award-winning beer after a day of hiking or mountain biking. Their pub is located right on the river in downtown Winthrop.

  • Go Mountain biking – Thanks to an incredible trail network, Winthrop and Mazama are a perfect destination for those of you who love mountain biking. This list of popular trails is a great place to start and includes current trail conditions so you know before you go (some of the trails have snow through the spring months). If you don’t have your own bike, you can rent one locally.

Getting there: I’d recommend visiting Winthrop and Mazama during the summer, and getting there is easy: from Seattle take Interstate 5 North to Highway 20 over Washington Pass (Heads up! Highway 20 is closed in the winter).

Top Washington honeymoon destination: Port Angeles

On the Northern side of the Olympic peninsula, just across the Salish Sea from Vancouver Island is the tiny little town of Port Angeles which is a phenomenal destination for a Washington honeymoon. If you’ve never been to Washington, this is an awesome place to go – you can see the rainforest, alpine lakes, the ocean, and the mountains. It’s a pretty dang cool unique destination that has totally grown on me this year!

Where to stay on your Port Angeles, Washington honeymoon:

There are some excellent options in and around Port Angeles including the Lake Crescent Lodge, which is in Olympic National Park as well as some gorgeous Airbnb options.

  • Lake Crescent Lodge – This historic lodge was built on the shore of Lake Crescent in 1915 and it’s an awesome jumping-off point for adventures in Port Angeles and Olympic National Park. The facility offers a range of accommodations including cabins, cottages, and rooms.

  • Quaint Guesthouse – This cute little guesthouse has room for four people and is described as a cross between Scandinavian cabin and Pacific Northwest retreat. It’s just minutes from the Freshwater Bay boat launch, and close to Olympic National Park as well as sandy beaches. Towering cedar trees and fresh ocean breezes make this a perfect place to relax.

  • Guest House with Mountain Views – Here’s a beautiful Airbnb with room for four that was inspired by the surrounding Pacific Northwest nature. It has spectacular finishes, and lots of 5-star reviews from previous guests.

  • Eagle’s Nest Tree House – If you want something completely unique, look no further than this incredible tree house. It has enough room for six guests and is just full of unique design features including a hammock hanging from a tree…inside! The outside spaces on this property are perfect for your honeymoon, with a large fire pit, and ocean views. It’s also pet-friendly!

  • Secluded Getaway – This cabin is perfect if you will be having friends join you on your Pacific Northwest honeymoon, or if you just want plenty of space to spread out and enjoy the beauty of the Olympic Peninsula. It is one of only three rental homes on a 25-acre property, so you’ll definitely have privacy. Views of the Olympic mountains and a hot tub? Say no more!

What to do on your Port Angeles, Washington honeymoon:

A Washington honeymoon in Port Angeles will give you an authentic taste of the Pacific Northwest coastal lifestyle. Between Olympic National Park, the ocean, and the town, there are so many fun activities to keep you entertained.

  • Hike Hurricane Ridge – As the name suggests, Hurricane Ridge gets hammered by strong winds, and in the winter, it receives up to 35 feet of snow. But, during the summer months, it’s an awesome place to go hiking, with spectacular views and many different trails to explore.

  • Spend a day at Lake Crescent – Lake Crescent was carved out of the earth by glaciers thousands of years ago and is 624 feet deep at its deepest point (how cool is that!?). Also, because of its location and unique geological makeup, it is home to two species of trout, the Beardslee and Crescenti Trout, which are not found anywhere else in the world. Add some awesome hiking trails, and you have a great place to spend an entire day. There are a few different hikes depending on how long you want to hike, and there is also a fantastic ADA-accessible trail called the Spruce Railroad Trail. (If you’re looking for other ADA-accessible  hikes in Washington, check out my blog, which lists my top recommendations for ADA accessible elopement locations)

  • Visit Rialto Beach and the Mysterious Hole in the Wall – This 3.4-mile out and back hike delivers unparalleled Pacific coast ambiance, with sea stacks (large rocks jutting out of the water), tide pools, and even a unique rock arch that you can walk through! You will definitely want to take your camera. I highly recommend checking in at one of the park ranger stations prior to hiking to Rialto Beach so that you have all of the information necessary to do it safely. Specifically, there is one part of this hike that needs to be timed properly with the tide.

  • Visit the most Northwestern tip of the lower 48 — aka Cape Flattery – Did you know Cape Flattery is the most Northwestern tip of the lower 48?! Well it is! And it’s another beautiful place to go for a hike on the Pacific Coast. It’s managed by the Makah Tribe so you’ll want to make sure to grab a parking permit from Washburn’s General Store (in Neah Bay) on your way to the cape. This permit is good for a year and will also let you park at Shi Shi Beach.

  • Do some shopping in downtown Port Angeles – Downtown Port Angeles is super cute and has a bunch of local stores offering everything from art to antiques, clothing, gifts, and more. There are also some outfitters if you need any last-minute gear for your outdoor adventures.

Getting there: Take the Kingston Ferry from Edmonds (in Seattle) or drive around the p
eninsula. I would recommend doing both: take the ferry in and drive the peninsula to leave, this way you can explore along the way and experience both!




Top Washington honeymoon destination: Snoqualmie

I live pretty close to Snoqualmie so it’s very near and dear to my heart and it also happens to be an excellent destination for a Pacific Northwest honeymoon. If you want something that would allow you to access the mountains and also spend time in the city… Snoqualmie Pass is it!


Where to stay on your Snoqualmie, Washington honeymoon:

Depending on what kind of experience you are after, Snoqualmie has you covered, including rustic and luxurious offerings, all within a very short distance from town.

  • Salish Lodge – This 4-star hotel is literally perched atop Snoqualmie Falls, with one of the most beautiful views I can imagine from a hotel. Can you say heated stone massage after a hike around an awe-inspiring 268 foot waterfall!? When you’re hiking around the falls be sure to learn about the history of this sacred place. These falls are central to the spiritual and cultural practices of the Snoqualmie Tribe who believe it is “where prayers were carried up to the Creator by great mists that rise from the powerful flow.” (Here’s a great site to learn more about the history of this Sacred Land.)

  • Tree House Point – Just 10 minutes down the road from Snoqualmie, Tree House Point is a collection of 6 tree houses nestled high in the pines that you can stay in. Generally you’ll need to book a minimum of two nights, but occasionally single nights may be available.

What to do on your Snoqualmie, Washington honeymoon:

There’s a great mix of activities in and around Snoqualmie including hiking, berry picking, breweries, waterfalls, shopping, and more. I promise, you won’t get bored here.

  • Treat yourself to some spa time at Salish Lodge – If you are staying at the lodge (or just visiting the spa), you’ll want to check out the wide variety of massage styles they offered. (Um… yes please!!!). They have hand and foot-specific treatments, couples massages, sports massage, Thai massage, and more. This is the best way to end a long day. Truly, this is what dreams are made of… (in the wise words of Hillary Duff).

  • Visit Snoqualmie FallsSnoqualmie Falls is a 268 foot-high waterfall on the Snoqualmie River and a spectacular site to see in person. Depending on the weather and water levels in the river, the falls can be a raging torrent sending up clouds of mist or a mellow occasion. It is part of the national registry of historic places in the US and is owned by the Snoqualmie tribe. There are two observation decks to view the falls from and getting there is super easy.

  • Go blueberry picking – Few activities say Pacific Northwest summer quite like picking blueberries and a visit to Bybee Farms in North Bend, Washington (which is close to Snoqualmie), is the perfect place to stock up on the sweet berries. They have 6 different variety of blueberries that you can pick yourself!

  • Hike Little Si Trail – This 3.7 mile (roundtrip) trail is a great outing that will yield excellent views of the surrounding peaks and valley. The trail is fairly steep at first, but mellows out in the middle before one steep final push to the summit of Little Si. Bonus: this is a dog-friendly trail, but make sure to bring and use a leash!

  • Enjoy beers and snacks at Volition Brewery – Also in North Bend (and a great destination after hiking Little Si) is Volition Brewery. Their approach to brewing is genre-based, offering a selection of libations that are defined by hops, fruit, herb spice, botanicals, mixed cultures, and malt. They often have food trucks on site for snacks (yea! snacks!) and if you don’t have time to stay, you can get 32-ounce crowlers (filled when you purchase) to go.

  • Explore Snoqualmie Pass – Just 30 minutes up the road is Snoqualmie pass, a beautiful location in the mountains with a bunch of fun activities. You could go for a hike to Franklin Falls or Gold Creek Pond (paved and accessible), grab a beer at Dru Bru (Drew and I go here all the time!…when it’s not a pandemic), or grab some good at the Commonwealth restaurant.

  • Shop downtown Snoqualmie – The Snoqualmie downtown is super cute with so many amazing shops. Definitely check out Down To Earth (it’s where we get flowers for some of our couples!)

Getting there: The town of Snoqualmie is just 30 minutes from Seattle (and Snoqualmie Pass is just 1 hour); take I-90 East from Seattle.



How to Plan your Oregon Elopement | Between the Pine Adventure Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Urban adventure: where to stay in Seattle for your Washington honeymoon

As you can see from all of the amazing activities that I’ve already listed, a Washington honeymoon is going to be an incredibly fun and memorable experience for you and your partner. But before we wrap things up, I still have two urban-based locations to share! Here are my top recommendations for city-based Washington honeymoon destinations:

  1. Ballard, Seattle

  2. Bellingham

Top Washington honeymoon destination: Seattle – Ballard, Washington

If you’re hoping for more of an urban or city adventure for your Pacific Northwest honeymoon, then Ballard is my absolute top recommendation. Ballard is in Seattle and it’s right on the water.  It’s this little pocket in the city with the cutest downtown. Plus, Seattle has so much to do, and see… and especially taste! (Fun fact: Between the Pine actually started as a food blog before it became a resource for elopements and adventure weddings. So my love for delicious and nourishing food is what really got us here lol.)

I also love Ballard because everything is within walking distance! If you spend any time in Seattle, make sure you visit Ballard.

Where to stay on your Ballard, Washington honeymoon:

Ballard has both hotels and airbnbs that would make for dreamy honeymoon accommodations. Here are my top picks:

  • The Ballard Hotel – The Ballard is luxurious and would be an awesome way to treat yourself and your partner to an unforgettable honeymoon stay in Seattle. The on-site restaurant, the Stoneburner, has a seasonal menu that changes frequently. Guests at the Ballard Hotel also get access to the Olympic Athletic Club and spa where you can workout or pamper yourself with a spa treatment.

  • Cute Ballard Cottage – This modest Airbnb has convenient access to the Ballard Market and grocery stores which are both just across the street. The cottage has a large fenced-in yard and apple trees that you can take advantage of in the fall. (Um…. apple picking from your yard? I think so.)

  • Spacious Guesthouse – This beautifully decorated guesthouse offers everything you need in a convenient location. Just blocks from the water, you’ll be able to walk almost anywhere you need to go on your urban adventure.

What to do on your Ballard and Seattle, Washington honeymoon:

Ballard (and Seattle) has an incredible selection of activities but one of the most fun things to do is walk around, explore the shops and restaurants, and definitely taste all of the top-notch food and ice cream!

  • September The Shop –  Owned by partners Gillian and Jordan Voth, September The Shop is equal parts eclectic and sustainable shopping, with gifts, home goods, and clothing made by companies and individuals who give back and are doing good in the world. If you need a special gift for a loved one or want to take something to decorate your home when you get back from your honeymoon, this is the place to go!

  • Salt and Straw Ice Cream – There are lots of good ice cream shops out there but honestly, Salt and Straw might be one of the best (just ask anyone who’s been). Their flavors are truly creative and imaginative. I’m talking about combinations like Brown Ale & Bacon, Pear and Blue Cheese, and Arbequina Olive Oil (in ice cream!). They use locally-sourced high-quality ingredients. AND they are always super friendly and allow you to sample unlimited flavors before you decide. (Yes, I said unlimited taste tests before you finally decide!)

  • Frankie and Jo’s Vegan Ice Cream – If you can’t handle dairy, do not worry– I’ve got you covered! Frankie and Jo’s vegan ice cream is not just dairy-free, it’s amazing, too. Using a variety of coconut and nut milks, they craft delicious, inventive flavors like salty caramel ash, chocolate tahini supercookie, and California cabin (they use pine and smoked vanilla in this one and it tastes just like a warm cozy cabin!).

  • Matador – For awesome Mexican-inspired food and cocktails, Matador is a must-visit restaurant that has been a Ballard neighborhood gem since 2004. And when it comes to tequila, this is the place to go, with over 150 different bottles to taste and savor. It’s definitely one of my favorites. The margs and nachos are on point!

  • SawyerSawyer offers new American cuisine and cocktails in a renovated 1920’s sawmill, right in the heart of the Ballard neighborhood. Pretty much everything is amazing here. Save room for dessert (if you’re not planning to head to a different ice cream shop) because they have S’mores Choco Tacos (!!!!).

  • Walrus and Carpenter – It’s time for shellfish at this awesome oyster bar. Walrus and Carpenter is actually one of the most famous restaurants in Seattle, but it retains its down to earth, local feel despite its popularity.

  • Percy’s & CoPercy’s & Co is an apothecary bar and restaurant, with great ambiance and Southern comfort food. They have amazing cocktails, sandwiches, and small plates that are great for grabbing a bunch of and sharing.

  • Bitterroot BBQ – If you want to try the best BBQ in Seattle, look no further than Bitterroot BBQ. If you are really hungry, check out the Cowboy Killer and if you like spicy food, try their Smoked Jalapeno Hushpuppies.

  • Ballard Pizza Company – I know Seattle is on the West coast, but if you love pizza, don’t miss Ballard Pizza Company. Their East-coast style pies are divine. They use local, and sometimes foraged ingredients (mushrooms), keeping things simple and letting the food speak for itself.

  • Walk around the Ballard Farmers Market – I saved the most exciting food-related thing for last! The Ballard Farmers Market has been operating for 20 years and is such a fun place to spend half a day, exploring tons of food and vendors. You’ll be delighted with the quality and variety of provisions that are offered and you should absolutely make sure to find and eat a whole bunch of the mini doughnuts because they are A. Dre
    am. Come. True. (And send me a photo of you and your love enjoying them!)

  • Take a Coffee Tour of Seattle – Seattle is definitely famous for its coffee, so if you like coffee, you could spend your entire honeymoon checking out amazing coffee shops and never getting bored (ok maybe that’s just me lol). Here are my favorite coffee shops in Seattle: Elm Coffee Roasters, Slate Coffee Roasters (they have a Ballard location), Milstead and Co., Olympia Coffee, and I saved one of the best for last — MiiR’s Flagship, where you can scope out all the amazing MiiR gear (can you say honeymoon gift?!) and enjoy coffee and amazing food.

  • Check out an engineering feat at Ballard LocksBallard Locks is an engineering marvel you will definitely want to see while you are in Seattle. It is a series of controlled waterways that connects the Puget sound to Lake Union and Lake Washington, raising and lowering boats up to 26 feet to provide passage between the sound and lakes. Ummm.. how cool is that?! This is also where the fish ladder is which allows the Salmon and Steelhead to swim safely upstream, past the locks to spawn. July, August, and September are the best months to visit if you want to see the mature Salmon making the journey upstream.

Getting there: Ballard is on Puget Sound in downtown Seattle.


Top Washington honeymoon destination: Bellingham, Washington

Last but not least, Bellingham is one of my favorite cities in Washington and it’s almost all the way up in Canada. Bellingham is known as the gateway to the North Cascades, providing access to Artist’s Point and Glacier, Washington, where I photograph lots of elopements!


Where to stay on your Bellingham, Washington honeymoon:

  • Hotel Bellwether – This luxurious hotel is about as close to the water as you can get in Bellingham. In addition to a restaurant, a fitness center, a spa, and a private dock, they facility is ADA-accessible and dog-friendly!

  • Modern Cabin – This cute modern cabin looks so cozy and would be perfect for up to six guests, or as a generous space for just the two of you. There’s a huge wrap deck which almost makes it feel like you are floating in the trees. It’s also just a couple minutes from a lake.

  • Blackbird Farmhouse – The Blackbird Farmhouse is a 120 year-old (but freshly-renovated) AirBnb. This soothing retreat with plenty of comfy spaces has room for up to six guests and it’s only 10 minutes from downtown Bellingham.

  • Downtown Apartment – If you want to be walking distance to downtown Bellingham, this is your spot. It’s cozy, with room for two in the lettered streets neighborhood with great access to breweries and restaurants.

What to do on your Bellingham, Washington honeymoon:

  • Go mountain biking – The mountain biking near Bellingham is world class! You can rent a bike from a local shop and actually ride directly to the trails at Galbraith which has everything from beginner to expert riding.

  • Take a sea kayaking tour – Because Bellingham is right on the ocean, it’s a great place to go sea kayaking. Moondance is an outfitter that has been operating in Bellingham since 1992 and offers trips that are appropriate for any skill level. Go get on the water and see the coast!

  • Go hiking – As with pretty much all of Washington, there is great hiking that is easily accessible from Bellingham. If you want to stay close, check out this list of hikes within 30 minutes of town. But if you’re looking for a truly spectacular hike, you’ll want to make the 2 hour drive to Artist’s Point at the end of state route 542 (Mount Baker Highway). There is a ranger station along the way to get information from, and multiple trails worth exploring once you get there.

  • Drive the Chuckanut Drive Scenic Byway and experience small coastal towns – This historic coastal highway is sometimes referred to as “Washington’s Big Sur”. It’s a 24-mile drive that hugs the Chuckanut mountains along the coast, the only place where the Cascades meet the sea. Sights along the way include: Bow, Oyster Dome, Larrabee State Park, Woodstock Farm, and Fairhaven.

  • Eat Taylor Shellfish – If you love fresh seafood and shellfish, look no further than Taylor Shellfish Farms (found along Chuckanut drive). Dating back to 1890, the Taylor family have been fishing the Puget Sound and innovating sustainable shellfish farming. All of Taylor’s products are certified by the Food Alliance, a third-party sustainable agriculture certification.

  • Stop at Breadfarm Bakery and enjoy the baked goods!This bakery is soooo good and just off the Chuckanut Scenic Byway in the town of Bow. They have incredible breads and more but make sure to bring cash!

  • Visit some amazing breweries – The Bellingham area is known for its breweries!I love Aslan Brewing, which is a famous B-corp with amazing food. I also highly recommend Twin Sisters Brewing, which has outdoor seating, lawn games, and food.

  • Get caffeinated!Camber Coffee is the coffee shop to visit in Bellingham. They are expert brewers and have many different varieties of coffee to choose from. Also they have great food

Getting there: From Seattle, take I-5 North for 89 miles (1.5 hours).


Oh my goodness, you made it! Are you ready to start planning your very own Washington honeymoon? I hope this guide was helpful and cheers to all the adventures to come— I can’t wait to hear all about them!

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