Southern California Engagement Session



After our first winter in Seattle, we quickly learned that planning trips mid-winter to a sunny place is a  must. In February I was looking around on Google flights when I stumbled upon an amazing deal for a weekend in Los Angles. Drew and I bought our flights, booked our Airbnb, and were counting down the days until we could escape the rain and soak up enough vitamin D to last us through the Seattle rain. Well as you can guess based on the title of this blog, our “sunny” vacation did not go as planned. Ironically, it was sunny in Seattle the entire time we were gone. As bummed as we were about it being rainy for our entire time in California, we made the most of it and refused to let the weather stop us from exploring.

We met up with Liz and Justus on our second day in Newport Beach. Their session was full of running on the beach, luaghter, and me getting to be the luckiest third wheel ever. 

It was pretty simple to leave no trace on this beach. We kept all of our belongings in one pile so nothing would get lost, and actaully picked up a few pieces of trash others had left behind. 

how we left no trace 







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