A Complete Guide to Planning an Artist Point Wedding

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A Complete Guide to Planning an Artist Point Wedding

Written by our rad team member, Kiersten Roy

Thinking of planning an Artist Point wedding? If so, then you are in for a treat! We think Artist Point is one of the most beautiful places to get married in the United States. As wedding and elopement photographers, we photograph over a third of our elopements at this location, so it’s safe to say lots of our couples love this area too! In this blog we will go over everything you need to know to plan an Artist Point wedding. From wedding tips on the best time to visit, where to stay, guidelines to consider, and more, this is one blog you won’t want to miss!

Table of Contents

How to Get to Artist Point

If you are traveling from out of state for your Artist Point wedding, there are two airports you can fly into. Most of our couples fly into SEA-TAC and then make the two and half hour drive to Glacier, Washington. Another option that requires less driving time is to fly into Bellingham International Airport. This airport is only about 45 minutes from Glacier, Washington and is the nearest “big town” to Artist Point. It also happens to be where a lot of our elopement vendors come from as well as one of our very own Between the Pine team members!

The Best Time of Year to Get Married at Artist Point

When it comes to planning an Artist Point wedding, there are two main seasons to consider – summer and winter.

Most of our couples choose to plan a summer wedding or elopement. Summertime in Washington State is magical and Artist Point is no exception! This time of year offers warmer temperatures, snow-free trails, and wildflowers galore! The summer season at Artist Point is short, lasting only from the end of July through mid September. While this means our peak season at Artist Point is short, it is incredible! During these weeks you can expect temperatures to be anywhere from 55-75 degrees (perfect weather if you ask us!). While you may still experience the occasional rain shower, Artist Point takes the cake for being so freaking amazing rain or shine!

Winter is another popular season for Artist Point weddings, especially if you want a ski elopement. Located just minutes from Artist Point is Mount Baker ski area, a huge destination for backcountry skiing. If you want to take advantage of the slopes, we recommend holding your winter wedding at Artist Point between November and early May.

Where to Stay for Your Artist Point Wedding

Located 24 miles from the Artist Point parking lot, Glacier is the perfect town to call home base. One thing to keep in mind is that this town is small and oftentimes, does not have good cell service. What this means is that you will need to plan where you want to go before leaving your cabin. On the flip side, it also means you can enjoy your elopement without distractions.

Although it is a small town, Glacier is filled with lots of gems. Some of our favorite places to stop for a bite to eat or drink before hitting the trails are Chair 9 and Wake ‘n Bakery.

Cabins for Just the Couple

Cabins for the Couple and Guests

We love these cabins for weddings and elopements with guests as they allow events and celebratory meals.

Artist Point Wedding Permits and Passes

One of the most common questions we get asked about Artist Point weddings and elopements are “do we need a wedding permit to get married at Artist Point?” While the national forest does not require a permit for groups of 75 people or less, the ranger station does have a “request form” to help them keep track of the events taking place in the area. As your Artist Point wedding photographers, we will help you take care of this step so you don’t have to worry. You will also need a day pass to park at Artist Point. This pass can be bought online or in person at the ranger station in Glacier, Washington.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you cannot reserve a spot at Artist Point as it is public land. We recommend getting married at Artist Point on a weekday to reduce the likelihood of other people around. We also have collected a list of lesser known trails that you can explore that allow for more privacy. Artist Point is one of the most accessible places to elope in the North Cascades (which we absolutely love), but because it is public land, just keep in mind that there may be nearby hikers cheering you on along the way.

For more information about permits and passes at Artist Point click here.

Guidelines to Keep in Mind for Your Artist Point Wedding

Hold Your Wedding on a Weekday

As we mentioned earlier, we recommend eloping at Artist Point on weekdays only. Because Artist Point is so beautiful and easy to access, locals love to flock to this area for backpacking trips, day hikes, and mountain picnics. This means the weekends can be very crowded and the parking lots completely full on the weekends. Weekdays tend to have fewer people (sometimes only 5 or 10 other cars) and are way more private and secluded, allowing for a more intimate experience on your wedding day.

Consider Your Guest Count

Yes, you absolutely can invite guests to your Artist Point wedding! We recommend keeping your guest count around 15 people so you can enjoy exploring the trails and have plenty of space for a celebratory meal either at your cabin or in the mountains. If your guest count is a little higher (we can accommodate up to 30 guests), there are a few nearby venues that allow micro wedding and elopements.

Follow the Leave No Trace Principles

We are firm believers in Leave No Trace here at Between the Pine. While Artist Point is beautiful, it can be highly trafficked in the summer months so we want to make sure that we are doing our part by staying on trails, respecting wildlife, and respecting the very fragile meadows that make this place so beautiful. Want to learn more about Leave No Trace? Check out our blog post below!

Enjoy Drive-Up Locations + Epic Hikes

One of the things we love most about Artist Point is how accessible this location is! Not only can you enjoy some of the most stunning mountain views in all of Washington, but people of all ability levels can witness how incredible this area is. Not only does Artist Point have two fully ADA-accessible (and totally gorgeous) locations, but it also has countless viewpoints and hikes ranging from 0.25 miles-10+ miles. Truly, this area has something for everyone! 

Real Artist Point Wedding Inspo

Artist Point Wedding Packages

When choosing to have an Artist Point wedding, we offer three different packages to our couples based on the type of wedding experience you are looking to have.

  1. With no guests: full day or sunrise to sunset
  2. With 15 guests or less: sunrsie to sunset
  3. With 15-30 guests: two day or custom package

Elopements with No Guests

Our full-day or sunrise to sunset Artist Point wedding packages include first look photos at your cabin in the early afternoon. We will then head out to two unique locations for you and your partner to explore. After, we will head to your ceremony location, where you will elope in the mountains with the most stunning backdrop at sunset!

These packages are great for couples who are wanting to have a wedding day experience with just themselves. Not only do they allow for so many options and customizations (if you want a multi-day backpacking adventure then our two day package will come into play) but you are guaranteed to have an action packed day filled with adventure.

Elopements with 15 Guests or Less

If your Artist Point wedding consists of 15 guests or less, we recommend the Sunrise to Sunset package. This package can be used in one of two ways. You can use all 10 consecutive hours, or you can split up your hours to be used between sunrise and sunset. We love this packages as it is a great way to ensure you have enough time to adventure and to be with your guests and celebrate.

Elopements with 15-30 Guests

For weddings and elopements with more than 15 guests (30 is our maximum), we require a minimum of either our two day package or our custom package. We’ve found that these packages work best to ensure that you get the full experience and don’t feel rushed throughout your day. It also allows for you to get the chance to get to experience multiple locations while still having plenty of time to celebrate with your guests.

Meet Your Artist Point Wedding Photographers

We feel most at home in the outdoors, so it’s no surprise that is where we gravitate towards as your Artist Point wedding photographers. Between the Pine was founded by Mollie in 2018 and she has hiked hundreds of miles all over the Pacific Northwest and Kauai, to capture couples during their best day ever. Since 2018, we’ve grown our team and continue to hire even more incredible photographers! 

Our team at Between the Pine is passionate about our jobs and adventuring to the most beautiful locations to document your best day ever. With over one third of our weddings taking place here, we know Artist Point like the back of our hands and are dying for a reason to head back to the mountains, forest, and everything in between! Click here to learn more about the Between the Pine team, your Artist Point wedding photographers!

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