12 Iconic Locations for Your Mountain Elopement

Written by our rad team member, Kiersten Roy

It’s no secret that here at Between the Pine we LOVE mountain elopements! There’s nothing better than witnessing our couples promise their love to each other surrounded by jaw dropping peaks in some of the PNW’s most epic mountain ranges (seriously, it’s one of our favorite things to do!). We get a lot of questions about where is the best place to elope, so today, we are sharing a list of our twelve favorite mountain elopement locations on the West Coast. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or a hopeless romantic (or both), keep scrolling to see of the most stunning mountain elopement locations that are sure to make your elopement an adventure to remember.

The 12 Most Iconic Mountain Elopement Locations in the U.S.

  1. The North Cascades
  2. San Juan Mountains
  3. Mount Rainier
  4. Olympic National Park 
  5. Snoqualmie Pass
  6. Yosemite
  7. Hatcher Pass 
  8. Grand Tetons
  9. Mount Hood
  10. Glacier National Park 
  11. Rocky Mountain National Park
  12. Mount Shasta
  13. BONUS: Tropical Mountains: Kauai 

An Overview of The Top 12 Iconic Mountain Elopement Locations

The North Cascades

Bride and groom walking across the North Cascades during their sunset mountain elopement

If you’re looking for a jaw dropping setting for your mountain elopement, look no further than North Cascades National Park! Nestled in Washington State and spanning into Oregon and Canada, the North Cascades boast miles and miles of natural beauty with its rugged peaks, cascading waterfalls, and pristine alpine lakes. 

Not only does this national park have some of the most stunning mountain peaks we’ve ever seen, but it’s also one of the least visited national parks in the US. What does that mean for your mountain elopement? Well, you’re less likely to have people on the trails and you’ll be able to experience a more intimate elopement day (seriously, what more could you ask for?)!

Bride and groom hold hands while walking across the North Cascades during their mountain elopement
Bride and groom mountain elopement portraits in the North Cascades
Bride and groom kiss in the North Cascades during their mountain elopement in Washington
Bride and groom kiss on top of the mountains during their North Cascades elopement

San Juan Mountains

Bride and groom couple portraits at Rocky Mountain National Park during their mountain elopement

Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by majestic peaks, breathtaking vistas, and crisp mountain air. Planning a mountain elopement in the San Juans of Colorado is the ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts and provides you with the perfect backdrop for a romantic and intimate celebration. Whether you envision saying “I do” atop a scenic overlook or amidst a serene alpine meadow, this epic mountain range offers endless possibilities to create a truly magical wedding experience. 

Bride and groom couple portraits at Rocky Mountain National Park during their mountain elopement
Bride and groom stand in a white Jeep during their mountain elopement photos at Rocky Mountain National Park
Bride and groom hold hands while walking through Rocky Mountain National Park during their mountain elopement

Mount Rainier

Bride and groom kiss on a wildflower trail in front of Mt Rainier during their Washington mountain elopement

If you’ve spent any time researching the best place for your mountain elopement, no doubt you’ve already heard about Mount Rainier! I (Mollie) am so lucky to have this beautiful mountain peak in my backyard and one of the great things that I absolutely love about this national park is the diversity you can find within the park! Think lush forests (with some of the oldest trees in the state), serene alpine lakes, stunning wildflower fields, and historic lookouts with amazing 360-degree views! The park is also filled with miles and miles of hiking trails for people of all abilities making it an ideal choice for any mountain elopement. 

Bride and groom hold hands while walking through the wildflowers at their Mt Rainier mountain elopement
Bride and groom dance at sunset on a mountain trail at Mt Rainier National Park
Bride and groom hug while looking out at Mt Rainier during their mountain elopement
Two brides kiss on an overlook at Mt Rainier during their sunset mountain elopement

Olympic National Park

Two brides kiss at Hurricane Ridge during their mountain elopement in Washington

Speaking of diverse landscapes, Olympic National Park is another mountain elopement location in Washington that has so many different landscapes within the park. Not only does this national park boast incredible mountain ranges, but it also features hot springs, lush rainforests, and rugged Washington coastlines. Who knew Washington alone could offer so many different sceneries? 

Two brides hold hands while walking across Hurricane Ridge during their Washington mountain elopement
Two brides hold hands while walking across Hurricane Ridge during their Washington mountain elopement
Two brides stand on the side of a hill in Olympic National Park during their mountain elopement

Snoqualmie Pass

Bride and groom hold hands while walking across the mountain at their Snoqualmie elopement

Imagine exchanging your vows atop a mountain overlooking Snoqualmie Valley after having spent the afternoon exploring old growth forests and smelling the sweet scent of wildflowers filling the air. Yup, that’s exactly what a mountain elopement in Snoqualmie Pass is like! Whether you’re seeking a summer adventure with clear trails and blooming flora, or a fall celebration with stunning autumn colors, you truly can’t go wrong when choosing Snoqualmie Pass for your mountain elopement! 

Bride and groom kiss during mountain elopement in Snoqualmie, Washington
Bride and groom kiss on top of a mountain during their elopement in Snoqualmie
Brides kiss while bridesmaids cheer in the background at their mountain elopement ceremony in Snoqualmie


Did you know that Yosemite is one of the 10 most visited national parks in the US? There’s a reason why this national park gets so many visitors (spoiler alert – it’s because this park is filled with so many iconic backdrops!). With towering granite cliffs like El Cap and Half Dome and cascading waterfalls, it’s easy to see why this park is so loved and why it’s such a perfect spot for an epic mountain elopement! 

Hatcher Pass

Does getting married in an alpine valley near an old abandoned gold mine sound like your kind of elopement? If so, then Hatcher Pass is definitely the mountain elopement location for you! Located in the Mat-Su Valley of Alaska, Hatcher Pass is a beautiful oasis located near the Talkeetna Mountains. The area offers tons of year-round activities such as hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and more giving you so many adventurous options to choose from for your Alaska mountain elopement! 

Grand Tetons

It doesn’t get any better than the Grand Tetons for a true “out west” mountain elopement experience! Located in Wyoming, this national park is not only rich with history, but it’s also home to some of the oldest rocks in the whole country. Standing at over 4,000 meters tall, Grand Teton peak is a view that can’t be missed and, with beautiful locations like Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park nearby, there is so much to see an explore during your mountain elopement!  

Mount Hood

Want to know some interesting facts about Mount Hood? One, this mountain is the tallest in Oregon, and two, this mountain peak is the second most climbed in the world! Mount Hood (which is actually a dormant volcano) is located near Portland and the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, making it easily accessible to other beautiful PNW destinations. Speaking of beautiful destinations, at the foot of the mountain sits Mount Hood National Forest, an area that is not only filled with tons of pine trees, but also offers tons of activities like hiking, camping, fishing, and skiing.

Glacier National Park

Are you picturing towering mountain peaks surrounding a clear blue alpine lake for your mountain elopement? If so, then Glacier National Park is the place for you! Located in Montana, it’s easy to see why this national park is becoming one of the most visited national parks in the U.S. With glacier carved peaks and hundreds of miles of hiking trails, this park is the perfect place for couples looking to add a little adventure into to their mountain elopement! 

Rocky Mountain National Park

With peaks rising over 7,000 feet, Rocky Mountain National Park is an epic mountain elopement location for couples who want to literally feel like they are on top of the world! Here in this Colorado national park, you’ll find more than just mountain peaks though; you’ll also be able to experience lush green meadows, crystal clear alpine lakes, and observe wildlife all throughout the park. 

Mount Shasta

In Northern California, at the end of the Cascade Range, sits Mount Shasta, the country’s second tallest volcano that has also recently become a popular vacation place for adventure lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. With luxury resorts and fun activities like skiing, snowboarding, hiking and camping, it’s easy to see why this location has become a popular place for mountain elopements!  

BONUS: Kauai

Bride and groom hold hands while walking through the red rock canyons at their Kauai mountain elopement

Surprise! I’ve decided to include one of my all time favorite mountain elopement locations – Kauai! While you might not think of Kauai when considering a mountain elopement, this Hawaiian island actually has some incredible viewpoints and so many diverse landscapes (think beaches, rainforests, waterfalls and red-soiled canyons) that not only give you incredible views, but can also give you that “on-top-of-the-world” feeling. I can’t count the number of times my husband Drew and I have been here since our honeymoon in 2016 so it’s safe to say, this is one of our all time favorite mountain elopement locations! 

Bride and groom kiss on the shores of the ocean at their Kauai mountain elopement
Bride and groom couple portraits in the Kauai rainforest
Bride and groom couple portraits in the Kauai rainforest

The Best Time of Year to Plan Your Mountain Elopement

Once you’ve chosen the best mountain elopement location, it’s time to choose the best time of year to elope! The exact time can depend on the location you choose but, as a general rule of thumb, we recommend couples plan their mountain elopement during the summer or early fall months (July – mid October). This gives you the best chances for ideal weather as the trails will be clear of snow, allowing for easier navigation plus, we’ll get a higher chance of consistent weather during these months.

For couples planning their mountain elopement during the summer (July – mid September) you can expect to see the mountains come alive with vibrant wildflowers in full bloom, making your mountain elopement even more stunning and beautiful! Early fall (late September – mid October) will give you stunning colors from the surrounding trees and fields, plus the weather is cool, yet still enjoyable.

Are You Ready to Decide Where to Elope?

Wherever you choose to elope, we’re here to help you plan your best day ever with the most stunning backdrop. Check out the blog below for even more incredible elopement locations in the United States. And, if you have questions about where to elope, contact us; we’d love to help you choose the perfect elopement destination that represents you.

How to Choose a Mountain Elopement Package

When choosing to have a mountain elopement, we highly recommend three elopement packages to our couples – full-day, sunrise to sunset or multi day. 

Our full day mountain elopement package includes first look photos at your cabin in the early afternoon. We will then head out to two unique locations for you and your partner to explore. After, we will head to your ceremony location, where you will elope in the mountains with the most stunning backdrop at sunset!

Our sunrise to sunset package is one of our most popular elopement packages booked by our couples and here’s why: when booking a sunrise to sunset elopement, you are going to have golden hour and blue hour at BOTH sunrise and sunset! This means you are going to get the best light on your day (twice!!) and get to experience more than one mountain overlook location. 

The last elopement package option is our multi day elopement package. We recommend choosing this packages if you plan on having guests at your mountain elopement. A multi day elopement allows you to spend one of the days with your guests and end your day at an epic sunset mountain elopement location. Then, the next day, you and your love can go to a completely different location and get another epic sunset. Having a multi day elopement also increases your chances of have sunshine on at least one of the days (a win win if you ask us!). Click here to learn more about our packages for your mountain elopement.

Meet Your Photographers For Your Mountain Elopement


We feel most at home in the outdoors, so it’s no surprise that is where we gravitate towards as your mountain elopement photographers. Between the Pine was founded by Mollie in 2018 and she has hiked hundreds of miles all over the Pacific Northwest, Kauai, Colorado, and beyond. Since 2018, we’ve grown our team and hired three incredible photographers (cue Whitney, Dawn and Kass)! 

Dawn has been photographing elopements all over the Pacific Northwest for the last seven years and is truly incredible when it comes to capturing all the in-between moments of your mountain elopement! 

Kass was previously an outdoor recreation guide and knows all the best locations to adventure during your mountain elopement. She transitioned from guide to photographer six years ago and hasn’t looked back since! 

Whitney is an outdoor enthusiast turned elopement photographer and loves to capture all the details during your elopement in nature. She is guaranteed to take you to some of the most secluded settings with the most jaw-dropping views your eyes will ever see. 

Our team at Between the Pine is passionate about our jobs and adventuring to the most beautiful locations to document your mountain elopement. We know the Pacific Northwest like the back of our hands and are dying for a reason to head back to the mountains, forest and everything in between! Click here to learn more about the Between the Pine team, your mountain elopement photographers!

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