Post Adventure Elopement Ideas: What to do on your Kauai Honeymoon

Written by our rad team member, Amanda Winther



Post Adventure Elopement Ideas: What to do on your Kauai Honeymoon

Now that you’ve planned your Kauai elopement, picked where you’re going to stay, and untangled the weird, wonderful process to get a Hawaii marriage license, you’re ready for the fun stuff — picking what adventures you and your love want to do on your Kauai honeymoon! Honestly, there are so many incredible things to do in Kauai whether you’re there on a honeymoon or not, so narrowing down which activities you’ll do might just end up being the hardest part of planning your Kauai elopement.

(cue short, tension-building musical interlude)

Between the Pine to the rescue! That’s why I put together this full on guide to the best honeymoon activities on Kauai. I tried to make it as easy as possible for you to digest by breaking the activities down by adventures that you should add to your honeymoon fund (aka that cost money), and adventures that are free. For each activity I also include a cost range, activity level, duration, seasonality (aka if there is any restriction on what time of year you can do this activity), and recommended companies to check out (for the activities that cost money). Yep, your Kauai honeymoon is going to be epic!!! (In case you couldn’t tell, one of my favorite parts of being a Kauai elopement photographer is that I often get to play travel guide for my couples too, and I’m already getting so stoked for you!)

The best Kauai honeymoon adventures to add to your honeymoon fund: Mollie’s top 10

  • Tour Kauai by Helicopter

  • Get a Jeep as your rental car

  • Cruise or Sail around the Kauai coast

  • Watch (and listen to) whales (seasonal)

  • Off Road through the jungle on an ATV

  • Go on a romantic dinner date

  • Kayak the Wailua River

  • Kayak the Napali coast

  • Rent Snorkeling Gear and swim with the fishies 

  • Cruise around on two wheels (aka rent a bike)

Protip: many of my couples also set up honeymoon funds so that their friends and family can gift them some of these epic Kauai honeymoon activities. (This post recommends the top honeymoon websites to use.) I definitely recommend setting up a honeymoon fund if it feels right for you to make sure you can experience some of these adventures!

Top Kauai honeymoon adventure #1: Tour Kauai by helicopter

Cost: $229 – $325, depending on your tour
Activity level: Easy
Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Seasonality: Year-round
Recommended Companies: Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours,
Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours,
Jack Harter Helicopters

I’m starting with my top recommendation for a Kauai honeymoon splurge — a helicopter tour! Not only will you get the most breathtaking, birds-eye views, but since only about 30% of Kauai is accessible by car or foot, flying is a really great way to see the wildest parts of the island (aka the other 70% of the island). Drew and I did a doors-off helicopter tour with Mauna Loa on our Kauai honeymoon and it was absolutely epic! I’ve also heard great things from my couples and friends (as far as customer service and overall adventure experience) about the other companies I listed above. No matter what tour you go with you will fly over miles of lush green valleys, canyons, and massive waterfalls. On our tour we got to see Manawaiopuna Falls, which is nicknamed “Jurassic Park Falls.” Because… yep you got it! It was actually featured in the film! How freaking cool is that?!

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Top Kauai honeymoon adventure #2: Get a Jeep for your car rental

Cost: varies depending on the time of year,
but plan for around $100 a day, $500 a week
Activity level: Easy
Duration: Totally up to you!
Seasonality: Year-round

Because there is so much to see and do on Kauai, you will want to rent a car for at least part of, if not all of your honeymoon. Any car will allow you to get almost anywhere on the island in a few hours, but for something a little special (and a lot of fun!), I recommend going with a Jeep. I mean, what could scream adventure more than riding in a Jeep with the top down, feeling that fresh Kauai sea breeze on your face?!

Protip: whether you go with the Jeep or a different rental vehicle, it’s a good idea to reserve the rental for your honeymoon dates sooner rather than later. During the busy season, they can and do run out of rentals, especially Jeeps and convertibles.

Top Kauai honeymoon adventure #3: Cruise or sail around the coast

Cost: $139 – $289, depending on length, type of boat,
and what is included (some tours include food or drinks,
others include activities like snorkeling)
Activity level: Easy
Duration: 3-5 hours
Seasonality: Year-round
Recommended Companies: Boat Tours 

If you want a relaxing, magical experience with your loved one (I’m raising my hand too!), cruising or sailing the Kauai coast will get you away from the crowds and reward you with spectacular views of the rugged shoreline. Soaking in the sound of crashing waves and fresh ocean air can be a relaxing and adventurous outing rolled into one! There are so many good options for different boat tours that include everything from food or drinks (you know I’m a fan when there’s food involved!) to sailing to sunset options. Here are a few of my favorite options that will have you Kauai dreaming right from your couch: enjoy a romantic sunset dinner on the water, explore sea caves and chase waterfalls in a 40 foot inflatable boat, or go BIG and charter a private catamaran ($1300). If you get seasick, the water off the Napali Coast can get choppy so you may want to look into other options to see this side of the island, like hiking or the helicopter tour (you could also call some of the tour companies to get more details and make sure you’re going in the calmest conditions). 


Top Kauai honeymoon adventure #4: Watch (and listen to!!) whales

Cost:  Approximately $100
Activity level: Easy
Duration: 2 hours
Seasonality: November – March, but in Kauai
peak whale watching season is January and February
Recommended Companies: Blue Dolphin Kauai,

How cool would it be to make seeing humpback whales in their natural habitat part of your Kauai honeymoon. Whales? That sounds fin-tastic! (Lol!) Whales are seriously some of the most incredible animals out there. Did you know that the humpback whale is known for making an annual migration of nearly 6,000 miles, one of the longest of any mammal? Okay, yep, how cool is that!? If you’re in Kauai between November and March, you might get lucky enough to see whales from the beach or while hiking along the Napali coast, but for the best chance to see whales up close and personal, book a whale watching tour. You’ve got a couple options, including this 2-hour whale watching tour on Kauai which includes some food and drinks (did someone say Mai Tais?). Blue Dolphin Kauai also offers 2-hour whale watching tours, complete with snacks, drinks, and hydrophones, which are a tool that allow you to actually listen to the songs of the Humpbacks! Um… what?! Can you say magic?

Top Kauai honeymoon adventure #5: Off-road through the jungle on an ATV

Cost:  $148 – $187
Activity level: Easy
Duration: 3 hours
Seasonality: Year-round
Recommended Companies: Kipu ATV Tours

If you are one of those couples that wants a little bit of fast-paced excitement thrown in with your beautiful mountain views (we all need a thrill from time to time, am I right?)! I’d recommend looking into an off road tour through the Kauai jungle on ATVs! Kipu Ranch offers a variety of exciting outings including their most popular tour, the Ultimate Kauai Off-Road Ranch Tour as well as the Waterfall Triple Trail Expedition in Kauai. Regardless of which tour you choose, you’ll ride through spectacular scenery, you might even see some wildlife… And you’ll definitely have an adventure!

Top Kauai honeymoon adventure #6: Go on a romantic honeymoon dinner date or to a luau

Cost:  $-$$$ (varies!)
Activity level: N/A
Duration: N/A
Seasonality: Year-round
Recommended Companies:, Smith’s Kauai,

Nothing says newlyweds like a romantic dinner for two, and Kauai has lots of great options to plan a nice dinner for your honeymoon. If you are in love with the ocean, dinner aboard a sailboat is sure to deliver. But this is Kauai and if you want something that incorporates some tradition and fun, why not loosen up your hips and attend a garden luau!? The Smith family has been hosting garden luaus for 40 years and they definitely know how to cook a kalua pig! Luau Kalamaku is another super popular spot to go eat, be entertained, and have fun. And make sure to bring your camera so you can document the fun when your partner gets up on stage to dance the hula (promise me you’ll take pictures so I can see how much fun you had!)

Top Kauai honeymoon adventure #7: Kayak the Wailua River to Secret Falls

Cost: $65 per person, or private tours at $195
for up to 4 guests, and $65 per additional guest
Activity level: moderate (2 mile paddle on class 0 river,
and 1.5 mile hike to the falls)
Duration: 4.5 hours total
Seasonality: No! Available daily, year-round, except Sundays
Recommended Companies: Ali’i Kayaks Tours,
Kayak Kauai (to rent your own)

Another great adventure for your Kauai honeymoon would be kayaking on the Wailua River. The Wailua is Kauai’s longest navigable river (20 miles!) and meanders along through lush scenery. This guided tour takes you on the most popular route: an easy, 2-mile paddle followed by a 1.5-mile hike to the 120-foot high Uluwehi Falls (aka Secret Falls). The local tour guides are the best and will provide you with everything that you need including food, dry-bags, and life vests. They also share interesting facts about the island and river and entertain you on the hike to the falls. If you’ve never kayaked before or are more of a beginner, this river is a *great* option because it’s a “Class 0” aka basically a lazy river, but with a 2 mile paddle you will still get a bit of a workout. It’s important to wear comfortable, close-toed shoes for both the paddle and the hike, and don’t forget your eco-friendly bug spray and reef-safe sunscreen for this adventure!

For those of you with a little bit of paddling experience and a desire for a solo adventure, you can rent your own kayak and do the trip without a guide.

Top Kauai honeymoon adventure #8: Kayak the Napali Coast

Cost: $210 – $250 + tip
Activity level: Strenuous
Duration: Full day and overnight options available
Seasonality: Yes. April 15- October 15
Recommended Companies: Napali Kayak

I’m sure that you’ve seen photos of Kauai’s Napali coast but if you haven’t, go open up another tab in your browser and Google it now! It’s one of the most spectacular places you could possibly go sea kayaking: there are lava-tube caves, world-class surf breaks, and soaring volcanic cliff faces covered in vibrant green vegetation rising up into the clouds. It’s paradise- full-stop!

Because you will be kayaking on the sea instead of a river (like the adventure above), this is definitely a bit more strenuous and it might not be ideal for absolute beginner paddlers. But if you are in good physical condition and a strong swimmer this would be an absolutely epic adventure for your honeymoon in Kauai. The Napali-Polihale trip is the most popular tour (and also the easiest option). It covers about 11 miles over the course of 10 hours and for those newer paddlers, it’s on the lee of the island meaning the waters are much calmer there. If conditions are good you might get to do some snorkeling or paddle through a sea cave (sign me up!) If you are looking for something a bit more challenging, try the Napali-Haena tour which is 17 miles long. They even offer overnight trips if you want something next-level. Pro tip: wear closed-toed shoes and bring reef-safe sunscreen on this adventure, plus all of the other items the company recommends, of course!

Napali Kayak is happy to answer any questions you have, so if you’re wondering if this is the right adventure for your dream Kauai honeymoon, definitely reach out to them.

Top Kauai honeymoon adventure #9: Rent snorkeling gear and swim with the fishies

Cost: Approx $15 a day, $30 per week
Activity level: Easy/moderate
Duration: Totally up to you!
Seasonality: Year-round
Recommended Companies: Kapa’a Beach Shop, Snorkel Bobs

Drew and I always rent snorkel gear when we go to Kauai, and our favorite place to go is this one: Kapa’a Beach Shop. We love it for a few reasons; it’s owned by a wonderful local couple who always give great recommendations of where to go snorkeling. They also have the most beautiful rescued German Shepherd! Did I mention that I love dogs? (If it’s not clear from all that… your dogs are always welcome to join on your elopement day adventures!)

Another great place to rent gear is Snorkel Bobs. They have a few locations on Kauai (Kapa’a and Poipu), and are on Maui, too. And if you’re looking to do more of a snorkeling tour where an expert guide can show you where all the super cool sea creatures are, I’ve got you covered: Kauai snorkeling tours. Now, go find Nemo!

Top Kauai honeymoon adventure #10: Cruise around on two wheels (aka rent a bike)

Cost: $18-$100+ (completely depends on the bike and length of time)
Activity level: Easy, Moderate, Strenuous
Duration: Totally up to you!
Seasonality: Year-round
Recommended Companies: Coconut Coasters, Kauai Cycle and Tour

For those of you who want to explore Kauai at a slower pace, seeking out adventures down dirt roads and on remote beaches, you can do what Drew and I do and rent some beach cruiser bikes! We like Coconut Coasters’ beach cruisers for exploring the flat biking path in Kapa’a or other flat lands at a more chill pace. They even offer tandem beach cruisers so you and your love can cruise together (um how cute would those photos be?!).

If you want a little more excitement, you can also rent mountain bikes from Kauai Cycle and Tour. Either way, there are tons of walking and biking paths on the island to explore, all while getting some exercise and fresh ocean air. You could even explore the old pineapple dump which is a place where they used to get rid of all the rotten pineapples, but then they stopped because apparently it smelled bad but now sea turtles come to hang out there so that’s really cool…am I rambling?!

How to Plan your Oregon Elopement | Between the Pine Adventure Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Still planning your Kauai elopement?

Check out these useful resources to make the process go that much smoother! (So you can get back to the fun stuff… like planning your Kauai honeymoon adventures!)

The top things to do on your Kauai honeymoon on a budget: Mollie’s top 10 picks

Who said fun has to be expensive? One of the best things about planning a Kauai honeymoon is that there are literally tons of activities to do that are completely free! Trust me, you’re going to make incredible memories in Kauai with your partner, even if you’re on a budget. Here are some ideas to get you started, and the best part is that all you need is a sense of adventure (and maybe some snacks!!):

  • Head to the locals’ favorite beaches

  • Hike around Waimea Canyon

  • Chase all the waterfalls

  • Explore the rainforest

  • Hike the famous Kalalau Trail

  • Explore Queen’s Bath

  • Catch a sunrise

  • Hold your hunny while the sun sets 

  • Tour the Kauai Coffee Estate 

  • Wander the farmer’s markets

Top free Kauai honeymoon activities #1: Head to the locals favorite beaches

Activity level: Easy
Duration: Totally up to you!
Seasonality: Year-round

Life’s a beach, amiright? Seriously though, Kauai beaches are incredible and there are tons worth exploring! Your tans may fade, but these sandy memories will last forever. Now seas the day! Ok, I’m done.

Tunnels Beach Located on Kauai’s North shore, Tunnels beach is a famous, picturesque crescent of golden sand surrounded by palm trees, jungle, and mountains. This is an awesome spot to explore if you love snorkeling or diving. You could spend a whole day here swimming, exploring the underwater lava-tube tunnels (where the name comes from), or watching surfers, kite-boarders, and windsurfers cruising the surf.

Poipu BeachPoipu beach is like two beaches in one! Why is that? Well, allow me to nerd out for a minute! Poipu beach has a small sandy island which is connected to the main beach by a tombola. A what? Yes, a tombola: a narrow sand spit that extends from the land to the island during low-tide. How cool is that?! In addition to this neat geographic feature, you might get lucky enough to spot an endangered Hawaiin Monk seal taking a nap on the sand…so cute!

Ele’ele BeachIf you want a different kind of beach experience, check out Ele’ele beach in Hanapepe Bay, near Port Allen harbor. This beach is also known as ‘glass beach’ because people discarded glass bottles here for a long time. Now it’s an entire beach made of seaglass!

Shipwreck BeachOn the South side of Kauai, just across from the Grand Hyatt Hotel is Shipwreck beach, a favorite spot for surfing and body surfing. Fair warning, there can be extremely strong and dangerous surf at this spot and there is no lifeguard on duty! But you don’t need to go in the water here to have fun here – beach combing, watching the sunset with your love, and exploring the nearby Mahaulepu Heritage Trail all would make this a great spot to check out for your honeymoon.

Need more beach ideas? Check out this list!


Top free Kauai honeymoon activities #2: Hike around Waimea Canyon

Activity level: Easy to strenuous
Duration: Totally up to you!
Seasonality: Year-round

Waimea Canyon is known as the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’ and it would be an amazing and breathtaking place to explore on your Kauai honeymoon! It’s worth doing a little bit of research ahead of time to make sure that your visit to this state park goes smoothly. Cruising along Waimea Canyon Drive will yield amazing views. And there are so many different trails of all different levels that you can hike. From a mellow nature loop that has interpretive signs with information about the local flora and fauna (aka plants aka yes please!). To longer, more challenging hikes with a lot of elevation gain. I always recommend chatting with locals to find the perfect trail for you. You can also check out All Trails, Kukuila’s site or the Kauai section on the Hawaii Division of State Parks website for more details about the hikes in Waimea Canyon.

Protip: bring your hiking boots! The trails in Waimea Canyon get muddy and slippery, and some have steeper sections.


Top free Kauai honeymoon activities #3: Chase all the waterfalls

Activity level: Easy to strenuous
Duration: Totally up to you!
Seasonality: Year-round

Kauai gets 300 to 600 inches of rain per year…crazy, I know! When you combine this much rain with the steep volcanic topography you get tons of waterfalls. And while TLC said, ‘don’t go chasin’ waterfalls,’ I beg to differ! I say, chase ALL of the waterfalls! 

Wailua FallsLocated in the Kalepa Mountain Forest Reserve near the town of Lihue, the Wailua River splits into two sections right before plunging 100-feet into a beautiful pool below. This waterfall is easy to spot from the road, but I highly suggest you go check it out, up close and personal! Also, if you and your partner aim for a morning visit, you might catch a rainbow as the sun’s rays light up the mist coming off the cascading water. I can’t wait for you to see it!

Red Dirt Falls – Like the name implies, this waterfall, which is located in Waimea Canyon state park, cascades down a ravine through Kauai’s bright red soil. It’s a small waterfall by comparison to most of the others listed here, but thanks to its juxtaposition to the vibrant soil and green foliage nearby, it’s definitely worth visiting!

Hanakapiai Falls – This one’s gonna require some hiking boots and a 4-mile round trip hike. The (often) muddy trail to the falls can be a bit challenging thanks to frequent rain storms so it’s also a great idea to bring along a raincoat. But it’s all totally worth it to see this 300-foot high waterfall! 

Ho’opii Falls – Let’s call this waterfall the ‘hidden gem’ on this list. Why hidden? Because it’s 2 miles down an unmarked trail. Sounds like an adventure in the making to me! Here’s a tip to get you started on the right track: this waterfall is along the Kapa’a stream near the town of Kapa’a. Ask some locals if you need more direction. P.S. this waterfall had a cameo in the movie Jurassic Park!

Check out this list for even more waterfalls to visit.

Top free Kauai honeymoon activities #4: Explore the rainforest

Activity level: Easy to strenuous
Duration: Totally up to you!
Seasonality: Year-round

Hiking through the rainforest is one of my favorite free activities, and one I highly recommend for your honeymoon in Kauai. There’s almost endless hiking on the island of Kauai, and the landscape is so diverse, I feel like there’s something new and exciting around every bend in the trail. Here’s a list of my favorite hikes around the island of Kauai:

Hanakapiai Falls – This hike is an 8-mile stretch that leads you to Hanakapiai Beach and to the falls. The trail is very muddy and slippery during the first mile, but it’s totally worth it! 

Makaleha Falls – This trail ends with three waterfalls through a lush green forest. Uh, what? It did not seem like real life! The hike is only 2.8 miles round trip.

Pu’u O Kila Lookout – This hike is absolutely beautiful! With views of the Napali coast, wildflowers and the rich red dirt of Waimea Canyon, it’s a 2.3 mile must-do adventure! Plus, it’s dog friendly!

Kuilau Ridge Trail – If you want to explore through lush, green rainforest magic, this is the trail for you! It’s a 3.6 mile-trail, and is also dog-friendly.

Sleeping Giant – This hike features beautiful wild flowers and is accessible year-round! According to All Trails, “Local legend tells of a giant who feasted so much at a party in his honor that he laid down for a nap and never awoke, and when you see the mountain’s resemblance to a sleeping giant from the nearby town of Kapa’a you can see why the legend persists.” This hike will give you all of the Moana vibes!


Top free Kauai honeymoon activities #5: Hike the famous Kalalau Trail

Activity level: Strenuous
Duration: Totally up to you!
Seasonality: Year-round

Ok, this one’s for the REALLY enthusiastic outdoorsy folks, the ones who want a big adventure. This 22-mile long (round-trip) backpacking route starts at Ke’e Beach and follows the Nāpali coast all the way to Kalalau Beach. On your hike you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the coast and steep volcanic cliffs high above. You’ll walk past Hanakapi’ai Beach where you can glimpse expert surfers catching BIG waves, cross five valleys, and pass Hanakoa Falls at the halfway point. The trail has a lot of ups and downs, is often wet and slippery, with some sections that traverse exposed terrain. But for those of you who put in the effort and make the journey, you’ll arrive at a spectacular and secluded beach that is literally an outdoorsy honeymooner’s dream. There’s even a waterfall that cascades down onto the beach where you can rinse off after swimming in the ocean! It’s magical! For most experienced and fit hikers, the 11 miles will take a full day. You will need a permit to spend the night – find more information here.

If the full hike and overnight experience sounds too strenuous or committing, you can still do some incredible day hikes along the Kalalau Trail. The two most popular are Ke’e to Hanakapi’ai Beach (4 miles roundtrip), or Ke’e to Hanakapi’ai Falls (8 miles roundtrip). Honestly, even just doing a short hike along the high coastal cliff (the first mile or so of the trail), would be a breathtaking experience. If you’re lucky and there during the season, you might even see some whales on your hike!

You do not need an overnight permit for these day hikes, but you will need a day-use reservation. If you want to make this a part of your Kauai honeymoon, make sure you learn about how to get a day-use reservation for the Kalalau Trail. The day-use reservations cost up to $10 (depending on if you’ll be driving yourself, walking, biking, or talking a shuttle), are available online up to 14 days in advance and sell out fast.

Top free Kauai honeymoon activities #6: Explore Queen’s Bath

Activity level: Moderate, but dangerous with the wrong tide!
Duration: Totally up to you!
Seasonality: Year-round, but recommended from October through March

If you love swimming then this would be an amazing honeymoon outing for you. Queen’s Bath is a natural olympic-sized swimming pool (well…tide pool to be exact) on Kauai’s North shore near Princeville. During high-tide, water crashes over the rocks, spilling into Queen’s Bath. When the tide goes out and it’s safe to enter, you’ll have your own salt water spa, complete with fish and possibly other creatures! It’s recommended that you check the surf report to make sure it will be safe to go visit this exciting spot. Here’s a great resource with all the information you need to visit.

Disclaimer: As I wrote in the activity level above, many people have drowned at Queen’s Bath (and if you go there you may see signs that say this). It is very important to check surf reports, or ask locals. Also, never turn your back to the ocean while on rocks at the bottom especially during the most dangerous months (October-March) since large waves may crash up on the rocks at any time without warning.

Top free Kauai honeymoon activities #7: Catch a sunrise

Activity level: Easy
Duration: Totally up to you!
Seasonality: Year-round

I know getting up early can be a challenge, especially when you are on your honeymoon on Kauai. But I promise, sunrises on Kauai are magical and totally worth setting your alarm for! (Trust me, I am definitely not a morning person and it’s still 100% worth it!). Here are a few of my favorite spots to go witness and photograph the incredible fire in the sky.

Larsen’s Beach – Because getting to Larsen’s requires a short drive on a dirt road and a short hike, it limits the number of visitors. This is a good thing for you! You’ll find fewer crowds and a spectacular spot to watch the sun come up.

Moloa’a Beach – Are you familiar with Gilligan’s Island? Moloa’a Beach is just a short drive from Princeville and it’s one of the filming locations from the classic TV series (the pilot and first episodes were filmed here!). It’s also a great place to catch a sunrise.

Kilauea Lighthouse – Kilauea Lighthouse is located within the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge and it’s an awesome spot to go see sunrise! In addition to offering dramatic scenery, you’ll have the chance to spot a handful of creatures that call this protected area home including the Red-footed Booby, Laysan Albatross, Wedge-tailed Shearwater, Hawaiian Monk seals, Green Sea turtles, and Humpback whales!

Kalalau Lookout – This is one of the highest points on Kauai that you can reach by car at an elevation of 4000 feet above sea-level. It’s also an incredible location to see the sun crest the horizon above the Kalalau valley (the largest valley on the island: 2-miles wide!).

Top free Kauai honeymoon activities #8: Hold your hunny while the sun sets

Activity level: Easy
Duration: Totally up to you!
Seasonality: Year-round

If sunrises aren’t your thing (or even if they are), you can’t pass up the opportunity to hold your partner tightly while watching a classic Kauai sunset. It’s great because you don’t need to get up early and you can do it with a drink in your hand. What I’m saying is cheers to you on your honeymoon!!

Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge – Between the wildlife and the lighthouse views, Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge is a unique and beautiful spot worth visiting to watch the sunset with your love.

Ke’e Beach – Because it sits nestled against a dramatic volcanic cliff, Ke’e Beach is an incredible spot to watch the sunset that provides ocean and mountain views at the same time.

Salt Pond Beach Park – Named after natural wetlands that Hawaiians use to make salt (aka salt ponds), this park is located on the Western Shore (also why it’s a great sunset location) next to the only natural salt ponds on Kauai. The natural ones are for Native Hawaiian use only, but these man made ones are still really, really cool.

Hanalei Bay – Hanalei Bay is over a mile of beach, and would be another great spot to watch the sunset on your honeymoon. Hanalai also has good surfing for different levels, and pretty much everything you could want from a beach except snorkeling. You could also make a full day of it! Pro tip: head to the eastern side for honeymoon sunset views you will never forget.

Top free Kauai honeymoon activities #9: Tour the Kauai Coffee Estate

Activity level: Easy
Duration: Totally up to you!
Seasonality: Year-round

Coffee? Yes, please! Drew and I visited the Kauai coffee estate on our honeymoon and gave ourselves the free tour. We learned a ton of cool stuff while exploring this expansive farm, like the fact that it’s the largest coffee farm in the United States with over 4 million coffee plants, holy moly! On a separate weird but fun note, the coffee estate organizes a weekly scavenger hunt on Kauai which is free to participate in. If you complete it and bring your results to the estate, they’ll give you a free bag of coffee as a prize.

*Note: this activity is temporarily suspended due to Covid.

Top free Kauai honeymoon activities #10: Wander the farmers markets

Activity level: Easy
Duration: Totally up to you!
Seasonality: Year-round

If you love farmers markets, Kauai’s got you covered! Between the tropical weather and ample moisture, just about all plants grow super well on Kauai which means tons of local fruits and veggies at the farmers markets! You should be able to find a farmers market on any given day across the island. If you have a limited amount of time, here are top three I recommended checking out:

  • Hanalei farmers market on Kauai’s North shore 

  • Kapa’a farmers market, East side of Kauai

  • Koloa on Kauai’s South shore

Drew and I picked Kauai for our own honeymoon, and we honestly cherish every single thing we did there during that time. Every time we find ourselves back on Kauai we’re reminded of our honeymoon and our beautiful first days of being a married couple (cheesy? Maybe. But it’s so true!). No matter what you decide to do, I just know that you’re going to have the most epic time on your own honeymoon and I can’t wait to hear all about it. But really, if you end up using this guide to plan your trip or honeymoon, I would love to hear how it went!


Ready to explore more elopements, weddings and adventures? Wander away below!

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  2. Sarah says:

    LOVE LOVE THIS! Will help so much on our upcoming trip! Thank you!

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