Top 14 Micro Wedding Venues in the U.S.

Written by our rad team member, Kiersten Roy

The past few years elopements and micro weddings have been on the rise, and if there is one thing you need for an intimate wedding, it’s a micro wedding venue! Today, we’re sharing a list of our 14 favorite micro wedding venues all across the United States. These venues are great for weddings and elopements with ten people or more and many are even designed with eloping couples in mind! So, if you’re ready to explore more, keep scrolling for everything you need to know about finding the perfect micro wedding venue for your best day ever!

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What is a Micro Wedding?

Here at Between the Pine, we talk a lot about elopements. Elopements have been on the rise for the past couple of years, but another type of wedding we’ve also seen couples choosing is a micro wedding. 

“What is a micro wedding?”, you might ask. We like to describe micro weddings as combinations of elopements and traditional weddings. Micro weddings (also known as intimate weddings) typically include up to 50 of the couple’s closest family and friends and can take place almost anywhere! Couples who choose to plan a micro wedding usually want to have an intimate celebration with their loved ones while including a few special details that you might find at a traditional wedding. We love micro weddings because they allow for so much customization for you to design your best day ever! 

Why You Need a Micro Wedding Venue

Bride and groom hold hands during their micro wedding in the forest
Bride and groom kiss in the forest after exchanging wedding vows at their micro wedding

You’ve got the partner, the wedding attire, and the guest list, but you still need a location to hold your wedding. That’s where micro wedding venues come in. 

One thing a lot of couples don’t realize is that planning a wedding for 30 people looks a lot different than planning an elopement for 2 to 5 people. Many outdoor ceremony locations (especially in national parks or state parks) have limits on how many guests you can include and, with micro weddings on the rise, it’s getting harder to find Airbnbs that allow celebrations with guests. This doesn’t mean you still can’t hold a beautiful wedding out in nature with all your loved ones, though. There are lots of micro wedding venues that allow you to plan a beautiful celebration in nature with all your loved ones. We’ve collected a list of the best micro wedding venues in the U.S., but first, here are three reasons why you may need a venue if you plan to invite guests to your special day. 

Helps With the Flow of the Day

Choosing to have a micro wedding venue makes for a better overall experience. Not only does it help with the flow of your day, but many micro wedding venues offer on-site lodging as well. After you and your guests are finished celebrating, you can go straight to sleep without worrying about transportation. We like to think of it as essentially getting to have summer camp for your wedding. How’s that for an experience?


Planning your micro wedding at a specific venue almost always means that you are on private property. This means that not only do you get to have a secluded and private ceremony, but you’ll also get some amazing views all to yourself! 

Celebratory Meal

What’s a micro wedding without a celebratory meal? Having your wedding at a venue means having a dedicated place to celebrate your wedding with all your favorite people over a meal or cake and champagne.

The Best Micro Wedding Venues in the U.S.

Washington Micro Wedding Venues

1. Apres Cabin

Can we just pause to say how freaking amazing this micro wedding venue is? Located in the North Cascades, Apres Cabin is one of our favorite intimate wedding venues in Washington. The cabin was originally designed by a couple who used it for their own elopement (how cool is that?!) and the best part is that all bookings come with the use of rentals. This means you will have everything you need onsite to host your best day ever! The cabins sleep up to 12 people, but can accommodate up to 30 guests for a celebratory meal.

2. Serene Mountain Escapes

Another North Cascades micro wedding venue is Serene Mountain Escapes. This rental property allows celebratory meals and the hosts are wonderful. We have worked with them several times and have a great relationship with them which makes for an even better elopement experience for our couples. They have several cabins to choose from designed to fit groups of all different sizes. A lot of our couples book their cabins directly and we’ve photographed weddings with celebratory meals of around 15 to 20 people. 

Want to learn more about elopements in the North Cascades? Check out our complete planning guide here!

3. Agate Beach Lodge

Olympic Peninsula coast
View of the ocean from an a-frame cabin on the Olympic Peninsula
Outdoor wedding ceremony at micro wedding venue on the Olympic Peninsula
A-frame micro wedding venue on the Olympic Peninsula
Guests sit in white chairs during an outdoor wedding ceremony by the beach on the Olympic Peninsula

Does an intimate wedding venue on the water sound like your dream location? If so, then Agate Beach Lodge might just be for you. Located on the Olympic Peninsula, this beachfront venue is the most incredible a-frame cabin on the coast! Your guests can stay with you at the lodge, or choose from a handful of nearby accommodations. The lodge comes with rentals and you can choose to have either your ceremony or celebration meal on the property (or both!) making this an all-around amazing location for your micro wedding.

Want to learn more about eloping in Olympic National Park? Check out our complete planning guide here!

4. Wellspring Spa

If you want to elope in Mt Rainier with a group, this is the best choice for a small wedding venue. Located at the entrance of the national park, it doesn’t get any closer than this. You can rent out all the cabins (which can accommodate up to 40 guests overnight), hold your celebratory meal on the property, and then enter the park for some adventure photos. 

Ready to plan your Mt Rainier National Park elopement? Check out our complete planning guide here!

5. Stay Between the Pine

If you’ve been following us for a while, then you already know about this micro wedding venue! We may be biased, but we think this is the perfect place to host a small, intimate wedding as it was designed with eloping couples in mind! Located in Snoqualmie, WA, the cabin can accommodate up to 12 guests, so while it is for groups on the smaller side, the glass room makes for the perfect place for a celebratory meal. Don’t just take our word for it though. See for yourself by checking out Katie and Mick’s two-day adventure wedding.

To learn more about how to elope in Snoqualmie, check out our complete guide on the blog!

6. Alpine Lakes High Camp

Remember when we said that hosting your wedding at a micro wedding venue was like summer camp? Well, it doesn’t get more summer campy than Alpine Lakes High Camp. This intimate wedding venue is perfect for couples who want an adventure! Located just outside Stevens Pass in Washington, this venue has nine backcountry huts and access to stunning views (alpine lakes, anyone) and endless outdoor recreation. If you and your guests want to truly experience a getaway in the mountains, this is the place! 

Oregon Micro Wedding Venues

7. Crook Point

Outdoor reception table overlooking the ocean at Crook Point intimate wedding venue in Oregon
Guests enjoy a celebration meal at their Crook Point micro wedding reception in Oregon
Bride and groom exchange vows overlooking the ocean at Crook Point
Bride and groom hold hands while walking out to an overlook at their Crook Point wedding in Oregon

The Oregon Coast is one of our favorite places for intimate weddings, but some beaches can also get quite crowded. That is not the case when you choose to get married at Crook Point though. Located on private property on the southern Oregon Coast, this is one of our favorite micro wedding venues for two reasons. 1.) You get private access to Oregon’s beautiful coast and 2.) This small wedding venue is located just a short distance from the California redwoods. Getting married at Crook Point truly gives you the best of both worlds, not to mention, they also offer onsite lodging for all of your guests and there are multiple areas for you to hold your ceremony and celebration meal.

Check out the resources below for more inspiration on planning a Crook Point wedding

8. Loloma Lodge

This micro wedding venue is like a dream come true! Nestled in the forests of Oregon, Laloma Lodge is the glamping wedding venue you never knew you needed. Complete with riverfront views, campfires, board games, and (luxurious) outdoor showers, this intimate wedding venue has everything you need to relax and celebrate your wedding in the most peaceful environment. 

Ready to elope in Oregon? Check out our complete guide on the blog!

Colorado Micro Wedding Venues

9. Alta Lakes

Alta Lakes boasts something that not many other micro wedding venues can. It is one of the few homes in the U.S. that sits above 11,000 feet! Located high up in the Colorado mountains, this venue truly gives couples that “on top of the world” feeling! The venue can accommodate up to 45 people, and if you’re looking for a remote, mountain wedding venue in Colorado, Alta Lakes is the place for you!

To learn more about how to elope in Colorado, check out our complete guide on the blog!

Alaska Micro Wedding Venues

10. Salted Roots

A-frame cabins with epic views of mountains and lakes right outside? Sign us up! Located in Seward, Alaska, Salted Roots is a venue made up of modern a-frame cabins that can sleep up to 20 guests (or guests can consider a dual buyout of their sister property, Rustic Roots, and accommodate up to 42 guests). Onsite amenities include private access to the beach, a sauna, a yoga studio, and firepit areas all around the property. Celebratory s’mores anyone? 

11. Sheep Mountain Lodge

With lodging, catered meals, rentals, and helicopter tours onsite, what more could you ask for in an Alaska micro wedding venue? Sheep Mountain Lodge is an amazing wedding venue that offers it all! You can literally fly in a helicopter straight from the property and explore a glacier, then come back and celebrate over a catered meal at the lodge. Check out Jo and Mike’s Alaska elopement below to see just how incredible this small wedding venue is!

Utah Micro Wedding Venues

12. The Red Earth Venue

If there were ever a micro wedding venue that was on our bucket list, this would be the place! Tucked at the base of the red rocks in Moab, this modern wedding venue is a beautiful retreat for your wedding in the desert. Located on 17 acres, this property feels like your very own national park! While they don’t offer onsite lodging, Red Earth offers rentals and everything else you need to host your ceremony or celebratory meal. 

Multiple Locations Micro Wedding Venues

These wedding venues have multiple locations across the country, so you can choose to get married almost anywhere you’d like! 

13. Under Canvas

For a true glamping wedding experience, Under Canvas has got you covered! Their luxury tents give you the feeling of camping out in the wilderness with all the luxuries of a resort stay. Their teams are also experienced at bringing events to life, so your wish is their command when it comes to creating a micro wedding experience of your own!

14. AutoCamp

Imagine a campsite filled with Airstream trailers and that’s AutoCamp. With locations all over like Yosemite and Joshua Tree, this boutique hotel is the perfect place to literally “camp out” with your guests before heading out into nature. With beautiful lodging and event spaces near some of the most stunning nature landscapes, AutoCamp is the perfect micro wedding venue for couples looking to experience nature in style. 

Bonus Micro Wedding Venues

Campgrounds and day-use picnic areas

Campgrounds and day-use picnic areas make for great micro wedding venues! Whether you want to get married in a national park or at a favorite family campsite, there are so many options to choose from. 

Wedding picnic table reception at a day use area in Washington
Day use area picnic table decorated with pastel flowers for a micro wedding reception
Custom national park elopement sign for a micro wedding in Mt Rainier National Park
Bride sits on a picnic table in the woods while petting her two dogs
Bride and groom kiss while cooking breakfast on a picnic table in the forest
Bride and groom flip chocolate chip pancakes on a camp stove in the forest
Bride and groom kiss in front of a camp fire at night

Restaurant or Brewery

You can absolutely get creative and choose a restaurant or brewery for your micro wedding venue. Choose a favorite cuisine or rent out the brewery where you went on your first date. 

As you can see the options are endless when it comes to micro wedding venues. We love helping our couples choose the perfect place to get married and you don’t have to limit yourself to a traditional wedding venue if that doesn’t feel right for you. 

Are You Ready to Decide Where to Elope?

Wherever you choose to elope, we’re here to help you plan your best day ever with the most stunning backdrop. Contact us if you have questions about where to elope, we’d love to help you choose the perfect elopement destination that represents you.

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