How to Plan an AirBnb Wedding

(Plus Our Top 10 Favorite Airbnb Wedding Venues)

Written by Kiersten at Sonder Studio

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We are big fans of thinking outside the box when it comes to planning your elopement and an Airbnb wedding truly takes the cake for us as one of our all-time favorite venues! Airbnbs are great locations for anyone planning a small, intimate wedding or an elopement and in this blog, we’re going to explore why. This guide covers everything you need to know about how to plan an Airbnb wedding, but before you dive in, we want to share the ultimate Airbnb wedding venue, hosted by yours truly!

That’s right, we purchased a stunning A-frame nestled at the foothills of the Cascades. Designed with elopements in mind, the Riverbend Retreat is the perfect Airbnb wedding venue to host your dream day! We’ll share more about this amazing venue later in the post, but for now, keep scrolling to learn how to plan an Airbnb wedding.

How to Plan an Airbnb Wedding

Can You Get Married at an Airbnb?

Bride and groom hold hands during their Airbnb wedding ceremony at an A-frame cabin
Bride and groom kiss during their Airbnb wedding in Washington
Bride and groom exit their Airbnb wedding ceremony at an A-frame cabin in Washington

Before we go any further, let’s get one thing out of the way. Can couples really get married at an Airbnb? The answer is yes! Whether you’re planning to elope with just the two of you, or you’re planning to be surrounded by a handful of loved ones, Airbnbs make for a great wedding venue option! This post will answer all of your Airbnb wedding questions, and, hopefully, inspire you to book your dream Airbnb for your best day ever!

Choose a Location for Your Airbnb Wedding

A-frame cabin nestled in the woods in Washington

One of the first steps in planning any type of wedding is deciding where you want to get married. The world truly is your oyster, but with so many options, how do you decide where to get married?

The first thing we recommend doing is sitting down with your partner and dreaming a little. Where do you see yourself on your wedding day? Are you out in the forest surrounded by the scent of pine trees? Or are you standing on a beach listening to the waves crashing against the shore? Start dreaming together and writing down a list of all the places or ideas you can come up with (seriously, no idea is too big or too crazy). Once you’ve come up with a few ideas, go over your list together and decide on one that feels right. This could be a place that you’ve been to before together, or a place you’ve always dreamed of going to together. The most important thing is making sure that you both have a chance to share what is important to you and you decide on a location together.

Choose Your Airbnb Wedding Venue

You’ve got your location, now it’s time to find the perfect Airbnb wedding venue! One thing we like to share with our couples is that you may need to drive a bit to get back and forth between your Airbnb wedding venue and your ceremony location. Especially when planning an adventure wedding, these locations can require a bit of a drive to get to. But don’t worry, as your Airbnb wedding photographers, we’ll help you create the perfect timeline for your best day ever!

Below we’ve include a list of our favorite Airbnbs to help you start dreaming. These Airbnbs are wedding venues that we’ve worked at before and ones where we have relationships with the hosts which means you’ll have one less thing to worry about when it comes to planning your Airbnb wedding.

Snoqualmie Pass Airbnb Wedding Venues

If you’re on the hunt for an Airbnb wedding venue in Washington then you’ve come to the right place! Not only do we have a ton of recommendations on where to host your Airbnb wedding, we also how our very own Airbnb wedding venue! We purchased a cozy a-frame nestled in the foothills of the Cascades (located just 30 minutes from Seattle), with stunning river views! The Riverbend Retreat is the ultimate oasis for your Airbnb wedding.

Imagine this – you start your day writing vows by the river while sipping locally brewed coffee. After getting ready you enjoy your first look with your spouse-to-be. From there you head out on an adventure or say your I do’s right at our stunning cabin. To end the day, you celebrate with a reception meal in our sunroom that seats 12 and close out the evening sitting around the campfire with whiskey and s’mores in hand! Sounds like a dream come true, right?!

If you can’t wait to book your Airbnb wedding at the Riverbend Retreat, click here.

The Riverbend Retreat cabin with a white wedding dress hanging from the window
Candlelit reception table at Airbnb wedding cabin in Snoqualmie, Washington
Guests share a reception meal in an A-frame cabin in Snoqualmie, Washington

Mount Rainier National Park Airbnb Wedding Venues

North Cascades National Park Airbnb Wedding Venues

Olympic National Park Airbnb Wedding Venues

Oregon Airbnb Wedding Venues

Bride and groom hug while looking out over the ocean at their Airbnb wedding at Crook Point

We could go on and on about how much we love Crook Point, but it really is one of those places that you just have to experience for yourself! With private access to the beach and stunning cliffside views, this is one Airbnb wedding venue you will want to consider!

Looking to plan your Airbnb wedding in Oregon and need more inspiration on what your day could look like, click here to check out our Oregon Elopement Guide and start dreaming up your best day ever!

Decide What Activities You Want to Include in Your Airbnb Wedding

Airbnbs are for so much more than just sleeping. When it comes to planning an Airbnb wedding, there are so many ways to customize your day and get the most out of your venue. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Getting Ready

Bride and groom kiss during their first look at their Airbnb wedding cabin
Bride and groom kiss during their first look at their Airbnb wedding cabin
Bride and groom hold hands in front of their Airbnb cabin in Washington

What better way to start off your elopement day than by getting ready at your Airbnb? An Airbnb is the perfect place to get ready and, if you’re planning to do a first look, you can even hold it at your Airbnb before setting off on your adventure.


Bride and groom stand in front of their Airbnb wedding cabin in the woods

Did you know you don’t have to go on a long hike for your ceremony? Whether you want to exchange private vows with just the two of you before setting off for your adventure, or you want to gather your loved ones around you and say ‘I Do’ surrounded by the comfort of your “home away from home”, an Airbnb is a great place to hold your elopement ceremony.

Celebratory Meal

Guests sit under string lights during an Airbnb wedding reception
Guests toast during the reception at an Airbnb wedding
Reception table decor at an Airbnb cabin wedding

Another option would be to have an adventurous wedding ceremony in nature coupled with a celebratory meal at your Airbnb. Your reception can be as grand or as simple as you’d like. We’ve had couples cater full meals and others share in a cake and champagne toast. And want to know the best part? You get to have the space all to yourself!

5 Important Questions to Consider Before Booking Your Airbnb Wedding

Where is the Airbnb located?

Do you want to have your ceremony at the Airbnb and travel to the mountains after? Or, do you want to adventure to your ceremony and return to the Airbnb for the after party? Either way, it’s important to find a location that is conveniently located to the location you’re wanting to explore. Curious where to find the best places to elope? Check out these resources:

Does the host allow gatherings?

Bride and groom hug while sitting at their reception table at their Airbnb wedding
Bride and groom toast each other during their wedding reception at an Airbnb cabin

When choosing your Airbnb, it’s important to read through all the details listed about the home or cabin. The last thing you’d want is to put a deposit down on an Airbnb that does not allow gatherings to take place on the property and get kicked out on your wedding day. If you have doubts on whether the hosts allows gatherings, you can always contact the host and read through the reviews on the listing.

The biggest thing with airbnbs is to make it clear to the host that you are going to have other people on the property but that this isn’t a typical party. For most couples, it is just loved ones gathering together for dinner. Inquire about what the limitations are and if the host is open to your request. 

Pro Tip – As both an elopement photographer and Airbnb host, Mollie has learned a thing or two about how to host the perfect Airbnb wedding. Her top tip (coming from being both a host and a guest) is clear communication! The more you and your host are aligned regarding all the details, the more streamlined and stress-free your experience will be.

Is there parking available on-site?

This is a big detail to consider for all who are planning an adventure wedding with friends and family members. Contact the host with prior to booking to see what parking options are available so you and your guests can plan accordingly.

Is there a noise ordinance in place in the area?

Again, don’t be afraid to ask the host questions! Different properties and neighborhoods have different noise requirements, so knowing in advance what is and is not allowed will help you as you plan the rest of your Airbnb wedding details.

What is the bathroom situation?

Last, but certainly not least, you will need to consider how many bathrooms are at the Airbnb. This is so important to think about when you’re searching for the perfect Airbnb. If you’re inviting 20 or more people to be a part of your elopement or wedding, one bathroom just is not going to cut it. You do not want a Meet-the-Parents-backyard-overflowing-septic-tank fiasco on your hands (anyone else love that classic movie?!).

Looking for More Airbnb Wedding Inspiration? Wander away below!

One of our favorite places for an adventure wedding in Washington state is Snoqualmie! This area has so many incredible backdrops and it’s also conveniently located near Seattle! Katie and Mick planned a two-day wedding (at Stay Between the Pine) and had the most gorgeous celebratory meal with their friends.

Alisha and Max’s two-day family elopement in the North Cascades was such a dream! After holding their intimate wedding ceremony in the forest, the couple celebrated with a beautiful reception meal at their Airbnb.

Kelsey and Laura combined all the best things for their two-day Olympic National Park wedding. Their celebration was a true picture of what an intentional wedding day experience looks like (not to mention their Airbnb and ceremony space was seriously stunning!).

Even though Jo and Mike’s Alaska elopement actually took place at a lodge, it just shows how you can make any space feel like an Airbnb. Lodges, Bed and Breakfasts, and other local getaway retreats oftentimes still offer the beauty and flexibility of an Airbnb wedding without the high cost and limitations of a traditional wedding venue.

Kelly and Scott’s Oregon Coast elopement day was filled with so much joy and love and beauty! After spending the morning running around the beach with their dog, the couple got ready at their Airbnb before exchanging vows in front of their loved ones.

It’s no secret that we love Crook Point! Aly and Justin planned a colorful elopement at this beautiful venue, and you just have to check out these views for yourself!

Ready to plan your Airbnb adventure wedding?

Ready to start planning the most epic Airbnb wedding or elopement? We can help you craft the perfect timeline, talk through logistics and make your day the best one yet! Reach out and let’s start planning your Airbnb wedding adventure!

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